What Do You Do When You Lose Swing Speed?

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This golf student started out as a leftie and could break par but “lost” his swing along the way and switched to righty and broke 70 as a righty!

But, as you'll see in this online golf lesson from the RotarySwing RoadShow, he had a couple pretty major flaws that were costing him distance.

In this lesson you'll learn a couple tricks I use from the RotarySwing 5 Step System to help him learn a proper transition and how to maintain lag in his golf swing.

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peruagatka says:

So glad I found and watched this video and further videos on your website. A few exercises in front of a mirror and I played 20points better then my usual round today. Suggested handicup improvement – 3 points. Amazing and liberating method! Simple, logical, easy to feel and follow. Just purchased the premium package and start my journey. Thank you so much for ‚pleasure of golfing’. :))

Matthew Lafferty says:

This video was like a lightbulb moment for me, it describes exactly the grip tension I have fought for years (having a relaxed grip at setup then at the top of the backswing the tension creeps in)which leads to swinging at the ball instead of using the big muscles, which makes the swing almost effortless. It helped my low point of the swing enormously so thank you for posting it.

kevham111 says:

either these guys are tiny people…..or that's one huge ass bucket of balls!

Terry Holloway says:

Enjoyed the video wish he could have hit a ball but I guess he has to train body first to get the feeling I need this as well thanks

mplunky1 says:

Chuck you have totally changed this guy's swing for the better in a matter of minutes but the poor sound quality makes it impossible for me to work out what you have said to him to make his swing change. Is it at all possible to get a transcript of this video or maybe even you doing a voice over of the main points of this video especially the 1st third of it when just with a few shadow practise swings you can get this guy to get a great looking in sequence swing.
Mark Plunkett (Rotary Swing Member).

kabelwelle says:

Golfswing without the ball is so easy…:-)

Carlos says:

This is one video that has really helped me, not just the execution, but understanding the sequence. Most videos just say turn the hips first before the body and shoulders, but without understanding that a loose grip and slow transition at the top is required, it is not going to happen. For me, this advice plus a bit of a dip/ squat coming into the ball to avoid early extension, is the key. Thanks Chuck

Paul Aragon says:

Chuck, do you have a video which expands in detail the position specifically at 25:46 that you are showing him?

brewster102 says:

Great video, just wish the audio was clearer

Turner Humphrey says:

I'm a member, now, again. Trying to get my swing back but the drills are not translating into results. Recommendations?

Brian Bennefeld says:

Hey Chuck, I know I haven’t gotten everything working as we discussed, but just loosening the left hand death grip seems to be paying dividends. Rounds since this lesson have been 74, 73, 81 (on a new course to me), 72, and yesterday I shot 71 in the first round of the city championship. I seem to have picked up a little more distance already, but know I still have more work to do! Thanks!

jeffrey goss says:

Great lesson. So much better than than my lessons at golf galaxy. All I get is hit some balls and “ come from the inside” and after my allotted 13 minutes a “looks good” then I go triple digits on the course. Nothing about the hips, hands or head

Rexx Engineering says:

Chuck – Are you going to be in Coeur D'Alene at all this summer? I will be there on business a number of times in the coming months. If you will be there, what timeframes?

Giap Do says:

I feel like my release is weak when my wrists are relax

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