What Hybrids Should You Carry?

Golf hybrids have been one of the great success stories of golf club designers over the last number of years.

But while the invention of the hybrid iron has eased the pain of long iron shots the fact that they now provide options for every iron the inevitable question which follows for golfers is – what hybrids should I have in my golf bag? The stock reply to this question is that it depends on an individual player's personal preferences and their knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses.

All of which is true but not particularly helpful.

So in this video we take you through some practical guidelines, including the ’24/38 rule’, to help you answer the question about how many hybrids you need, explain why you should have at least one hybrid in your bag no matter your standard, and also discuss what hybrids the top PGA and LPGA pros are using.

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Why You Should Be Playing Hybrid Irons
2:31 The 24/38 Rule
4:16 Use Speed and Distance to Begin the Hybrid Experiments
5:43 What Hybrids PGA and LPGA Pros Use
7:11 5 Guide Points to Make Hybrid Decisions

Complete details of the information we talk about in this video:

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16 thoughts on “What Hybrids Should You Carry?

  1. Not for me, I’m already a high hitter, 18 handicap and playing driver, 3w then driving iron trough to PW all irons followed by my vokeys ????

  2. I am a 13.8 hcp. I had a stealth 2 hd 4H. I struggled with consistency with the 5i and 6i. I just got the Ping G430 5h and 6h also the Ping G425 3h.
    I tried them today and they were so easy to hit and the ball flight was so amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t get them sooner. This makes the game so much more fun. Why make it more difficult. I have no ego and will now always use the 3h, 4h, 5h, and 6h.
    I can’t say anything about older hybrids but these new ones are amazing expensive but amazing.

  3. I think too many golfers use clubs the pros use. Most average golfers can benefit from hybrids. I use 6,5 and 4 hybrids and love them.

  4. This was a good video. Both Ping and Callaway make hybrids up through 7 and now there are a few offerings of full hybrid sets. I play whatever gives me the most consistency and therefore, the most fun on the course.

  5. Kinda why I opted for the Cleveland Launcher Halo XLs , 4-D Wedge. Best of both worlds?? Took a bit to get used to them, but seems to be working out!

  6. This is one of the most well produced and informative YouTube videos I have seen on the subject of Hybrids (or any golf topic for that matter). It was a pleasure to watch. Very professional. Thanks

  7. My 5 iron has 21.5 degrees of Loft. I dont hit it very well and I love my 3 hybrid with 19 degrees of Loft…. Should I get a hybrid with same degrees as my 5 iron ??? for example a Taylormade Sim2 max 4 hybrid has 22.0 degrees of Loft

  8. I have come to love my hybrids. I recently switched out my 6 iron (a Mizuno 221 blade) for a 6 hybrid. There was no avoiding the tremendous height and descent angle of the hybrid. Same distance, but much more likely to hold a green. I also love the adjustability which allows me to adjust gapping between clubs. I seem to change lofts on a fairly regular basis depending on how I am hitting my longer irons and the various hybrids.

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