What Nobody Tells You About Arm Position in Golf Swing

The arm position in golf swing. We're going to discuss the set up and how to transform this position to help you hit the ball better. The Difference Between You and a Tour Pros Golf Swing Starts HERE. https://youtu.be/Kvb5pPuEObw

What Nobody tells you about arm position in golf swing. But if you want to hit the ball better, then you need to understand this important element of the game. In this video, we're going to show you how to set up your arm position and how to hit the ball better with this simple, yet powerful, swing technique.

What should be more dominant in your golf swing — your arms or body? In this video we show you a simple tweak to your arms at set up that improve consistency and makes effortless golf swing power easier.

Golf swing rotation and limitations will affect the outcome, so will too much tension.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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29 thoughts on “What Nobody Tells You About Arm Position in Golf Swing

  1. This is the single best golf tip in my entire 57 years of playing golf. The impact of this simple adjustment is mind boggling for me. It made a huge difference in my round of golf today. Thank you!

  2. Thanks. I swing way too hard and have for 30 years and can crush the ball still but no consistency at impact. I need to fix my swing but down want to spend 1000’s on a bunch of lessons. Taking this to the range soon. I third this 2 years ago with teeing off with a 2 iron and it helped but as usual I risky stay consistent with it

  3. This is something I noticed Xander Shauffele doing when he's setting up. I'm pretty new to golf but wondered why he deliberately droops his shoulders when setting up and it's probably for this reason.

  4. Im confused. All those years learning to hold the lead arm pressed up aginst the side of the cheast, all rhose headcocers I had in my armpit to check that I dont lose contact to early and now youre telling us to hold it on the outside?!

  5. This drill helped me more than all the claseses I have already taken (Im a golfer enthusiast from Argentina I have this arm problem you described, i put your tips in play today and not only I hitt all my ddivers innthe fairway but 20 more yards with each club!! Thanks thanks thanks a lot!!!

  6. This is some of the best type of "blanket" instructions for the general public. Fundamentals that are universal for all swing types. My head spins when i see 20 hdcp players on the range rehearsing a golf swing by doing big exaggerated squatting moves and so on.

  7. Great tip. Love your work.
    Thank you for your effort.
    Took this to the range.
    Worked from the first shot.
    I've put the drill as my pre shot routine.
    Gained distance and accuracy. Give me a couple of weeks. Thanks again

  8. I think your term “nobody” is a bit misleading. One of the first things my coach mentioned after the hand grip was my arm position. Pretty basic stuff.

  9. Alex brilliant tip. I tried the Ben Hogan arms together (forcing them together ) and of course it didnt work.Your tip is fab,the upper arms just gently sit on the chest .Many thanks

  10. Guys I'm 40 and brand new to golf. I have a real love HATE relationship. Right now I hate it. But anyway. That lead arm elbow. Should it be locked?

  11. I watched this video two hours before playing and wow what a difference it makes. Shot one of my best scores ever. I’v never had a video make such an impact on my game so quickly. This is basic fundamentals but so easily forgotten along the journey of trying to figure out the best golf swing for me.

  12. Ill try that tomorrow thank you! … Update: it worked!!!!! Thank you. It absolutely works. I did not do the drills, just thought about your chest advice…what it did for me, is that I hit almost a whole bucket with my 4 iron consistently nicely…it feels strange at first, but it slows my swing into a nice rhythm and it makes the plane of the swing consistent. Personally, I have watched a lot of advice recently on the YT, and it messed up my swing, but with this advice, my swing is not only back, but much better and making solid contact.

  13. I went to range and hit 2 buckets of frustration today. Not bad shots, but weak and inconsistent. I know what impact position should look like, but I’ve always struggled to get there. I reverse engineered everything and ended up at the arms at address. This video speaks to EXACTLY what I’ve been struggling with and the fix seems so simple. I can’t wait to take this to the range! Thank you!

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