Why Your Arm Swing Is Making You Slower | How to Get Faster

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Your Arm Swing Is Making You Slower: Your arm swing is critical in maintaining efficiency when sprinting. Believe it or not, your arm swing is one of the biggest reasons for injuries as well as impacting overall speed performance. Once your arms get off the midline or if the speed/range is different from one side in comparison to the other then it will impact your overall running and leg turnover speed which is making your slower!!

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Why your arm making you slow
00:44 Arm extension
01:43 stabilization of the core
02:54 How to get arm extension
04:05 Knee drive
04:24 Conclusion
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Hensley Jb says:

Wow the analogy of going back not forward in the arms really helped

Jai Chhabra says:

Something good n unique onHamstring stretch pls
That's a crucial workout for any athlete

sudafreekan says:

I have been running this way for a long time, only focusing on driving arms forward, what differences in speed improvement can I expect from driving the arms back instead?

qspec says:

How do you fix elbows coming out on the back swing and hands crossing the mid line?

Manuel says:

and don't forget to keep the elbow at 91,6743°

Pankaj Vashisht says:

My shoulders hurt during extension

BL_ESSED says:

Is there a difference between having your hand open whilst sprinting or the c shape hand position.

gothops says:

Hey Morey, awesome video man! Just one question. I've been doing L-sit chin ups for the past 6 months in my training. I've found that it's really strengthened my lower abs, but now I have pretty bad lower back pain & I'm trying to figure out which exercise I'm doing that may be contributing. I think it may be the L-sit chin up. Do you think this exercise could cause low back pain over the long term due to its effects on the discs? Maybe I should drop it completely from my training?

Asthmatic Spaz says:

Can you tell me why Wallace spearman looks strange when he runs

work out says:

thats waht im talking about!!
awesome video, awesome content as always my man ! keep it up

Sopuru Amachukwu says:

Excellent video. I enjoyed it.

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