Worlds Best Lag Drill | 4 Minutes to Crazy Lag

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How would you like to get massive lag in the golf swing?! How do we generate swing energy? For those looking to crush the ball, this video on Worlds Best Lag Drill | 4 Minutes to Crazy Lag is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to gain lots of distance, we'll cover a lag generating drill, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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canefan17 says:

This def works but the face is wide open. (For me at least)



Dave E says:

I tried this, all it got me was an ambulance ride

Young Gunz says:

Awesomely done. Great video. This is my main problem!!

robertalsbury says:

So should one feel like they are moving the hands away from the target straight back when starting the downswing? Is that the “feel”? I ask because I’m not a terrible caster but more of a scooper and really need help creating lag. I’ve tried everything. The only thing that has worked is when I actually stop looking at the ball and turn towards the target and just let my hands fall, but like I say with this method I can’t see what I’m hitting

Mark Baird says:

I've watched tons of videos and probably this one early on, but for whatever reason it just clicked the other day. The arrow/quiver analogy did it for me. I felt the lag and saw 15+ yards with my irons. Can't wait to try it with the driver. It's like starting over again for me but I have such a stronger base now and all these other techniques make so much more sense. So much to build off of now

I owe you a beer or 3 of our paths ever cross.

BaltimoreJak says:

Thanks for this drill, I am working hard to add lag / distance. Can this technique work with all clubs, or just driver?

Jack Saint Jack says:

I have started playing this way. At the top, I bend both elbows and rest the shaft on my shoulders, slide the shaft on my shoulders as I turn back to the ball, and keeping the butt moving downward create a ton of lag and hit the crap out of the ball.

Paul o toole says:

Tried the exercises and immediately saw the swing speed increase. The best tip I've ever had.
Thanks for the help

ryan Tran says:

I’m so excited to try this tomorrow.

mikal says:

It is impossible to "cast" when all five levers are working in a common plane.ll…The SLOT (5L)

Craig White says:

Same for a short iron swing?

Kc Cutter says:

This move promotes casting if you do not go over lower body. I never understood why you teach that move without lower body involved

Riley's Random Videos says:

In the practice drill there’s lag, the issue is, you can’t swing like that. He didn’t even swing like the practice drill. I bet you just grabbed a guy who can hit it a long way cause he’s been swinging something his whole life and now he has the strength to rip a golf ball

ilumin zarza says:

Great lesson!!!

Adam says:

The swing at 2:20 didn't seem to have any lag from what i saw, his wrist was pretty much straight

RcTtOuChEd 1 says:

This video helped me so much to understand lag and how to get my downswing working. Swing speed went from 91 to 104. While I'm thrilled with the increase, it's going to be an expensive proposition to change my shafts from regular to stiff.

jayehs says:

Clay: "swing nice and easy, you don't have to try to kill it"
Robin: kills it

lesuis says:

Hi Clay
Amazing tip.
I have 9 holes played with pure impact (without compensation). I try to feel this on all shots.
I use also this tip with my irons.
Thanks a lot for all tips
Thierry from Belgium.

Michael Adams says:

so lag is the feeling that the club is out of control but you still have control and then at the bottom everything comes together and you snap thru the ball? I thought that wasn't a good technique, but I have only been golfing for a few months. I know the feeling of it "bouncing" for lack of terms the pulling it down on plane thru the bottom

Bob Levittan says:

That was great – or I should say it would have been great if you had ever once explained what "lag" is and why I want to have it…but you didn't.

Dude says:

Very clearly and concisely explained. No fuss approach to achieve the goal. Thank you.

Steve Upisleeve says:

I like Clay's lessons & tips, but in no way is this demonstrator maintaining the lag he demonstrates before the actual shot. I freeze-framed through both swings (without and then with a ball being hit) and the slo-mo sequence reveals it all. He fails to parallel the club up top (taking a 3/4 swing) and then releases much sooner than what was demonstrated before the actual shot was taken 🙁 I DO like the concept & will dink with it. I'm even going to try to lay the shaft on my shoulders to see if that is do-able. Thoughts?

joe rogers says:

I've just practiced this in the house for a few swings and can already feel the lag improving!!! Clay is the best instructor I've ever seen!!! Thank you thank you thank you

cryogene says:

Saw this same pulling arrow out of quiver movement from another video about 7 years ago, forgot the name of the guy. Can't you hit balls this way Clay? I mean with club on shoulder, just small swings.

FilterYT says:

Great video, great drill!

Thanks for sharing.

William Wilson says:

You cats are GOOD – that was some strike!

Mark Wisniewski says:

I like the concept, and will give it a try because adding width in the downswing has helped me shallow the club. Its looks like in real time @ 2:48 that width is gone but maybe the feeling of the lag/drill is still there?

Shigeharu Shimizu says:

This lesson changed my swing completely. Without power on arms, I feel swing speed increasing! Thank you.

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