You Should Swing FASTER If You Are Looking For More Control, Here Is Why!

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jason hu says:

Hi Aritz, the other coach, Jeff said the completely opposite thing here
I happen to swing very fast on my both forehand and backhand, sometimes, when I get tired, I do lose stability

Jeff Myers says:

He's very generous with the complements of his shots

Ray Jenkins says:

Good ! The same might be said of the 2nd serve – don't overly slow down the swing just to get it in – add more spin to get that safety margin. Nice presentation.

Manuel Soto says:

This is 100% true! The tempo of the swing determines control

Tom Root says:

What's the difference between my 70 and 85%?

BDTraining - Online Tennis lernen says:


Wally Friend says:

Your forehand technique looks much better than before. Good work.

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