5 Tips to Hit Long Irons Pure and Straight!

In this video I give you 5 tips to hit your long irons pure and straight. Do you struggle in golf hitting your long irons? Then this video will help your golf game improve with some simple golf tips so that you can hit your long irons high and pure.

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19 thoughts on “5 Tips to Hit Long Irons Pure and Straight!

  1. Ijust watched this video without even hitting a ball I know I’m going to hit my long irons better!????????I was totally out of position at setup! Thank you. !!!

  2. These 6 tips actually made my long iron result with the 4 iron remarkably straight with very nice height, and that makes the game so much more enjoyable.

  3. I've used the tips of this video on my longest iron, the 4-Iron, successfully.
    It's been great, and I'm thinking of buying a #2 utility driving iron for longer straighter shots in the fairway off the tee. Do the same tips from this video work for this club?

  4. Thank you! Took an interest in golf last year and feel like such an idiot out there but still having so much fun. Can't wait to try these tips you shared.

  5. After watching your video on set up with your irons and driver I went to the range and hit beauties. Always forward pressed with my irons and keeping everything in the center worked. Thank you!

  6. I used to hit nice long irons when I was younger. I never thought about it. Now I hit 1 good one for every 10 to 20 bad ones. I will try these tips, thanks

  7. Question on club face being “shut” or parallel to the spine angle, is this something that I should try to have for all clubs? From driver to wedge.

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