Chris Ryan shows you what can be done at set up and during the swing to ensure you perform better on the golf course with your long irons.

These clubs are notoriously hard to use, but with a few good concepts you can ensure that you rip your long irons on your way to lower scores.

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  1. I discovered the secret to hitting a "pure" long iron – hit the ball off a tee.

    Unless you have a lot of clubhead speed, you can forget about hitting a long iron off the deck with any sort of satisfaction. Use a high-lofted fairway wood instead.

  2. So 2 mins in and you reproduced my two long iron misses perfectly! ….????????????????????????glad im not the only one..back to the video as i have hope as he knows my pain after those two shots…he just may be the 1 with answers ????✌️????????

  3. A superb video Chris, I don't know why I haven't seen this before, but it's brilliant, information packed and I don't doubt that it has and will help so many people to better their long iron striking.

  4. When I did do my good long iron shots was when kinda treated it like a driver a little hip forward thing going on. But mostly hit like crap with 3 or 4 iron compared to my trustee 5 that can belt way further than 3,4 bout 150 to 180m. Good tips there ????

  5. At my beginning of playing golf 2 friends gave me one club for practising : a 7i and a 1i.
    Meanwhile I can easily reproduce your first 2 shots in the video 🙂
    Edit : Great content, thanks!
    One question : Don't you take divots at all with the longer clubs?

  6. Terrific advice thanks Chris, has definitely helped me with my 2 iron. One question, when you're using a 2 iron off the tee, do you use exactly the same principles, or slightly change your weight distribution?

  7. the best instructors on youtube can execute errant shots in a demonstration. very impressive- i top my long iron just like you showed. Thanks for the excellent explanations

  8. Because of these golf swing strategies, I was able to know “hows” and “whys” of a fine golf swing and its various aspects. My irons increased 15 yards and my driver increased 25 after I completed reading through the guide for the second time. Due to these developments, I am more confident and I`m having more enjoyment with golfing. You can find this guidebook by Google. It calls Logan Ballοyshot

  9. Sooo…what I really lack is Speed in the club. So here is my question – from where comes the main force? And I also wonder how much force comes from the trail arm. I always been of the impression that the trail arm should be more passive than the lead arm. You seem to get the main force from the trail arm. Yes, I understand that the body generates the power but how much is canalised through the trail arm? Thnx for great vids !

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