In this video, irons expert Joe ‘The Pro' Ferguson runs through the best players' distance irons of 2024. Otherwise known as compact distance irons or compact mid-handicap irons, this area of the market is where a large majority of amateur golfers sit so it's important to make the right decision given the wealth of competition out there. So take note of Joe's recommendations and once you've decided and you know your specs, click the handy links in the description to get hold of a set for the best price in your area.

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29 thoughts on “BEST PLAYERS' DISTANCE IRONS 2024! Only One Winner…

  1. For the money the Wilson Dynapower forged has got to get a mention! Was it even in the review? A brand that's still so far under the radar in my opinion.
    I picked up the previous D9 forged for peanuts and they are a cracking set of irons.

  2. Haven't found an iron that have displaced my Callaway Apex 21s. The Srixon ZX5/ZX7 combo would be my next choice. I haven't had a chance to try the i530s yet.

  3. Still playing PXG 0211 XCOR2 6-GW, cast clubs with some kind of injected substance. How would a club feel any better? $75 a club at the time.

  4. For me it is the 2024 Ben Hogan Icon irons, or the Titleist T100 irons. I have found that for me , the Hogan icon irons truly feel so pure when I play them. They have a balanced feel when I swing them, it seems almost effortless. These clubs have a solid sound when struck with a crisp fluid feel through impact.
    These clubs along with the Titleist T 100 clubs seem to have a very tight dispersion and seem to be workable in both directions while hitting their numbers in yardage. Just pure enjoyment.
    However, I spent several hours getting use to each. Golf just gets better and better. The Hogan's are the real deal ! Plus, they are priced so you don't feel guilty about spending the money as you might with others. Thanks to both the Ben Hogan Golf Company and Titleist for their hard work in truly perfecting these irons sets.

  5. The plastic badge at the back of the T200 falls off after a few months. A real shame as the performance of these clubs is very good ☹️

  6. Just looking at the prices, personally im being priced out of golf. My last set i bought was callaway steel heads in 2016. But over a grand to renew is just over the top.

  7. For the social golfer, the cheaper clubs work just as well as the most expensive clubs.
    4 to 5 years old, affordable clubs score the same… just check your handicap history. Club manufacturers are charging outrageous prices to cover the marketing and the hype it generates.

  8. Mizuno have a masterclass with this new line. Surprised to see the Edel SMS Pro here. I would put it in the players cavity with P7MC, T100, ZX7, 243.

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