BEST GOLF BLADE IRONS 2024! Surprise Winner…

Low handicap golfers or competent ball strikers may well be after a new set of golf blades to get the best feel and workability from a set of irons – but how do you know which set to choose? Well in this video, staff writer and irons expert Joe ‘The Pro' Ferguson shares his thoughts on the best golf blade irons out there having tested 11 of them at the start of the year.

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Callaway Apex MB –
Cobra King MB –
Mizuno Pro 241 –
Ping Blueprint T –
PXG 0317 ST –
Srixon Z-Forged II –
Takomo 301 MB –
TaylorMade P7MB –
Titleist 620 MB –
Vega Mizar Pro –
Wilson Staff Model Blades –

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24 thoughts on “BEST GOLF BLADE IRONS 2024! Surprise Winner…

  1. I wonder if you collected data from hundreds of strikes whether there would really be much if any difference between most forged irons? There is so much bs around golf gear and have forged irons really changed much in a couple of decades? Seems like you could go find anything from years ago for a few hundred dollars and you would be fine, they are fairly affordable actually, probably because so many people bought them and realise they can't use them.

  2. Holy crap, a 32° 7i ina players iron, lofts have been getting so strong. I remember hearing how my 36°7i sets were strong lofts when I started playing. I’ve always stuck with a 48° pw, 44° 9, 40.5° 8i, 36° 7, 32° 6, etc. but it’s getting harder to find lofts weak enough, thankfully Titleist has stayed with the 47° pw which I bend a degree weak through the years, I also like how it lessens the offset. Ive gamed a set of the Titleist MB for over 20 years now, the 620’s will probably go in the bag soon but I always go back to my trusty 710’s which I’m on my 3rd set of heads 3-pw through the years. liked the 714’s a lot too. They’re all basically the same with minor differences. Some of these irons on here weren’t even really blades also.

  3. 241 in the bag. Had 221's last year. Cannot hear your sound and feel strikes because your mic is muffled by your sweater at impact.

  4. I agree with the mizuno irons looking odd behind the ball. Never could get my head around them. Look a bit chunky as odd as that sounds.

  5. Watching Joe the pro is always a pleasure! But watching on a Japanese masterpiece made by Miura or Honma also is – and i missed this pieces in your selection. Do a other video with such traditional forged clubs, maybe with a set of betinardi irons like Freddie Couples tested here on yt….

  6. Very interesting opinion and data but for me because Mizuno Miura Takomo and others dont do a 3 iron in a set of irons, that iron model would be straight rejected for me. The Wilson wins hands down here cos they do a two iron and three iron. Really surprized the Callaway Apex MB did not even feature. Has to be the best looking mb iron period. So a little surprised by that but purests get put off by new tech in blades. Its all subjective perspective. The Ping is nice but reason I will not play with Ping is their customer service is shocking and they don;t offer the shaft I want as a custom order. I wanted the Blueprint T's in the KBS $ – Taper only to be told by Ping that that is not possible???? For me its between the Wilson and Callaway, although the Cobra features strong here as well as I have hit the cobra and it is a great iron.

  7. No Maltby?
    Maltbys are the best irons available hands down.
    You are stuck on these big names, they are all ripping you the fuxk off.
    Half the brands you mentioned, suck big time.
    Get real, sales people suck.
    Buy direct people,….. Maltby. Available at golf works. The best, hands down.
    If you don't like them I'll buy them back for 75% of your cost.
    You won't be disappointed.

  8. Vega are performing well because the 7 iron is basically a 6 iron. Look at the numbers, lowest loft, lowest spin, longest distant. Its a 6 iron.

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