Playing with a FULL set of HYBRID IRONS!! | Eleven Golf

Are these the best golf irons for beginners. Are these the easiest golf clubs for beginners to hit?

Eleven Golf Hybrid irons are the best golf clubs for beginner golfers due to their forgiveness and speed.

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16 thoughts on “Playing with a FULL set of HYBRID IRONS!! | Eleven Golf

  1. This guy is a lot more entertaining than most YT golfers. Has the right mix of explanation and humor. Not too long and not too short … which is a super difficult skill … planning or editing. Hes a solid golfer too (except putting)????

  2. used to use all hybrid cobra now i’m back to forged irons mizuno jpx923 and so far it’s working. i guess it all boils down to the players ease of swing

  3. I’ve been playing golf for a year and I am highly considering adding a few of these clubs into the bag. I currently play off 20hcp and have average club head speed. Why I am considering these?

    Make the game easier.

    In most other sports technology and equipment that makes the game easier is considered good. But for some reason golfers seem to be against equipment that can help be better for less effort.
    I already have the Cobra OL 4h and 5h replacing my 4i and 5i so I am seriously considering picking up the Eleven 6h and maybe even 7h. No shame or pride about it. My best irons are pw-8i, after that I have trouble, why not get clubs that can help? I use game improvement wedges as well. Make the game easier and more fun. Life is too short for a golfer who plays twice a month to not consider game improvement clubs.

  4. Head covers help resale value for forged irons. However, I don’t used them on the course—only for traveling purposes. But you know, you do you.

  5. You need to do a retro review of OG full hybrid set, Wilson Turfrider hollowbacks from the 80s, full hybrid set before hybrid was a golf term

  6. I have a set of stiff shaft Elevens, great fun and super accurate, however found the gapping 8,9 and PW didn’t really work. Really easy to hit, launch and dispersion difficult to match

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