Hybrid or Long Iron? SHOCKING RESULTS!

Is your long iron the right club choice for your game?

This #tourtrucktuesday I’m at Aviara Golf Club going through the on course scenarios you should consider when testing a rescue / hybrid club. Not only will I provide the visuals you should look for in ball flight but the Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor is also present to confirm all ball launch data.

Your rescue or long iron choice is an integral part of your game but have you considered, certain chip shots or bunker play to help with the decision.

I put the new TaylorMade Qi10 & Qi10 Tour through a direct comparison with my P770 3 iron and I think the results will actually shock you.

First time hitting the KBS Proto Hybrid shaft as used by Jon Rahm, this was also a surprise feature of the video.

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29 thoughts on “Hybrid or Long Iron? SHOCKING RESULTS!

  1. Of course the hybrid goes further, 2* stronger and a longer shaft. Duh!!! So what, everybody is caught up with distance when distance control is what counts. Hybrids are great for higher handicaps but give me a long iron anytime if I'm trying to hit a certain target. I'm 66 been playing since I was 12 and I play with standard loft 25* 5 iron Srixon forged heads and standard weight steel shafts 3-wedges. I hit a 3 iron 190-200, nice and high with plenty of spin. You can also drive it under the wind and I chip with it too sometimes from lies exactly like he said you can't use a 3 iron from. Just want people to know that you can play golf without hybrids. My 18* 5 wood can be used like a hybrid if necessary for cipping etc.

  2. Look it all depends on the individual golfer. Just like drivers, cavity backs, blades, hybrids or long irons it’s individual preference. Personally I can hit long irons fine but I prefer hybrids. I carry a 19 degree and a 22 degree basically a 4&5 iron ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

  3. Clearly an advertising video… but, to show me that a three hybrid with less loft and is at least an inch longer flies farther might be the biggest joke of all. Of course that is the result. 3 hybrids are not 3 iron replacements anymore. Hybrid loft jacking?

  4. So correct me me if I’m wrong. Start of video he says hybrids have mass more to the back and they should fly higher. Proceeds to hit the iron the highest by a lot ????

  5. I get a notion that taylormades are for better players, since we dont have fitting facilities in our city, any opinion on TM for high handicappers would be appreciated.

  6. Swing speed is a HUGE factor too. The lower your swing speed the better a hybrid Will perform for you vs a long iron. I’m 51, a newly anointed single digit player 9.8, and I’ve removed my 4-5 iron this year, and the results are INCREDIBLE! I’m hitting both a club longer in distance, and increased my accuracy with both on approach shots! It’s definitely helped me lower my scores on long par 3s and approaches on par 5s! Even the long par 4s, I’m hitting those greens much more frequently now too.

  7. I used to be 1w – 4w – 7w – 4 rescue. I'm now 1W – 3W – 5W – 4h/4i – forced by manufacturer options. Winter, I love the 4H from softer lies, and hit it great. Summer, the 4i gets used as a driving iron, and I run further off line, so a low one to recover from under trees is great.

    I can live with one pair of a high stopper vs a lower runner of similar distance – enough elevation changes on my course to be useful. More feels like overkill.

  8. My dream is still to be fitted by Trottie for a full bag but then get to build the clubs with him. Completely understanding my numbers for each club and having that expertise to tell me what's better for me would probably make a world of difference.

  9. Every golf company should hire you to show the how and why, An amateur like myself who thinks he knows alot but really doesnt, i believe its called an Ego,after watching this clip I can say I'm 100 % more knowledge then i was 10 minutes ago, id love to see you show 5 ,7 or even a 9 wood up against the same lofts on the Rescue, ill always have that 5 wood but any loft higher then 18,or 19 degrees is up in the air, definitely could go either way ,but if your a traditionalist you have to stick with fairway woods or those garden steaks, the long iron after i break the heads off lol ! Thanks man great stuff!

  10. I am a decent chipper…like it’s not a shock when I chip in for par or birdie every once in a while…

    But about 2 years ago I decided I was going to hybrid putt that ???? if I didn’t have rough/other stuff to go through…and man that is the most useful and foolproof shot in the game ????

  11. I have a hard time knowing what shaft to use in those. I play x100s in irons and do love a hybrid. Set ends at 24.5 deg so I could go 22 and 19 but don't know where to start.

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