LONG IRON SWING vs HYBRID SWING (what is the difference?)

In this video I will talk about some key differences with the hybrid and long irons and some simple techniques to help you utilize these clubs more. If you struggle with those longer shots in to par 3s , par 4s and even par 5s then this may give you some insight on how to improve your confidence.

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25 thoughts on “LONG IRON SWING vs HYBRID SWING (what is the difference?)

  1. Seen 15 seconds of this vid amd the best thing i did was take every iron above a 5 out of the bag.. idk why but i suck so bad with long irons im better having the 185 too 200 gap between the 5 and the 5 wood

  2. Late to the party but great info JKM. I have the opposite issue where my long irons are fairly solid but struggle with the 3 hybrid (overall contact and inconsistent ball path). Your tip with trying to still hit down on the hybrids and allowing the anatomy of the club face do the work is spot on.

  3. Great explanation! Do you believe hybrids are helping amateurs in general? Have you considered to do a video comparing the use of a hybrid vs fairway woods? Hitting the 3 wood for example, is the most difficult for me. Thanks for the great videos!

  4. Hi, Jonathan,
    Thanks for your vidéos that help me a lot.
    Will you be so kind to show us the most important moves in slow motion.
    Many thanks

  5. Oh I need this. I never knew that the ball position for both should be a half ball forward from a 7-iron. Again thank you Jonathan.

  6. I worked as a technical trainer for many years. Johnathan you have a great talent to explain a procedure in detail and maintain audience attention for the duration.You should come over to Australia we have heaps of grass for you to produce divots.Thankyou Ron

  7. I will second that , his teaching is very easy on the brain specially at my age 65 I don't need over technical instruction

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