What is the best golf bag set-up? Fairway wood vs hybrid vs crossover vs long iron

When it comes to setting up your golf bag some decisions are easy. But what about that awkward gap between your driver and irons?

Equipment editor Hannah Holden is joined by Dan Murphy as they put fairway woods, hybrids and long irons to the test to see which is the best option for your golf bag.

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22 thoughts on “What is the best golf bag set-up? Fairway wood vs hybrid vs crossover vs long iron

  1. A nice comparison, thanks. I would have loved if you could have added a shot tracer so we could see the ball flight differences more clearly.

    This is an area of my bag where I'm just not sure what I should carry for the ~4 clubs between a Driver and 5i. I tend to hit balls high, and around here it is always windy (12-20mph most days). I'm experimenting with various combinations of 3W/5W, 3H/4H, and 3i/4i. I should probably consider a 5H as well, but extra height is not what I need, so this video is causing me to rule out a 7W for now.

  2. Dumped the hybrid and put a 7 wood in the bag last year. Great club (I have a lower ball flight) from the tee, fairway and rough or scruffy lies.

  3. What matters to me–7 wood for sure. 64 degree. Two ball triple track putter. And…i have to play with my shoes untied and my tees and markers in my right hip pocket.

  4. I just use my 3 iron. It does everything. Only club left in my bag. And I wear out balls and never lose them. That's what happens when you only use 1 club.

  5. For me, I find that 10 clubs is my sweet spot. Driver, 21deg Utility wood (basically a 7w), 5H, traditionally lofted 6i, 8i, PW, GW, then 54deg and 58deg wedges. Less swing planes to learn, and my scoring clubs have the tightest gapping for obvious reasons. It serves me best.

  6. Maybe Im crazy but I carry a ton of G 425 hybrids and a G 425
    5 Wood. I love hybrids as they can hit from a greater variety of lies. Great video!!!!!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to put this review together. Was waiting for someone to review 7 wood out of rough. Really thorough review, thanks again ????.

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