OLD vs NEW Golf Irons Testing with Mark Brooks

This video is a test of old vs new golf irons. Mark Brooks, a 7-time PGA Tour winner and 1996 PGA Champion, joins to conduct some testing of old vs new golf irons. More specifically, Mark tests his old 1999 Apex Forged Blade 7-iron against his current gamer, a PING i230 7-iron.

In this video, Mark and 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald use Trackman technology at 2nd Swing's Dallas store location to identify the similarities and differences in this old vs new golf irons test.

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13 thoughts on “OLD vs NEW Golf Irons Testing with Mark Brooks

  1. Great interview!!! What knowledge. Most players of this day and age want longer and higher just like the modern irons produce. For a guy like me…Marks age group…I have struggled with modern irons. Recently went back to 1986 Wilson Staff blades and it’s like going home. Lower ball flight, no wild distances to deal with. I am now scoring well again. Crazy isn’t it.

  2. Mark is amazing – he has the knowledge and ability of a true master – he talks about playing 25 years ago like it was yesterday

  3. I have ping clubs, and I actually play decent with it, but it has a 0% forgiveness????????,and fucks up my game, and I'm wanting to either get Titleist or Callaway.

  4. This is hands down the best 2nd Swing video that I have seen. Mark is super knowledgeable, he expresses himself so well and seems like a genuine and humble man.

  5. More distance with the game improvement and more forgiving, but he had much more consistent strike with the old blades and more consistent start line with the old blades.

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