Top Amazon Golf Tees – ONE GETS YOU 25 MORE YARDS!

The Top Selling Golf Tees on Amazon and one is farther than the rest.
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26 thoughts on “Top Amazon Golf Tees – ONE GETS YOU 25 MORE YARDS!

  1. Just like there is no one ball that is overall better than anyother ball for every golfer. Or any one driver is better than all others!

  2. Personally, I don't think a tee makes any difference whatsoever, but I generally use plastic ones because they don't break so easily or i use the ones I find around the golf course.

  3. Golf is so much like fishing. Both should be called "Damn it/Shit/F*&c". Fishing lures are better at catching fishermen than fish and golf equipment is better at catching golfers than playing golf. Simple is better.

  4. I actually use the 4 more yards tee all the time and they literally save me a good bit of money…I get about 5-10 rounds out of 1

  5. I get that the longer you can keep us watching the more money you make. But when you drag something that is a best a 5 min watch into 10 min. I just give up don't watch at all.

  6. the naked/bikini tees are for when your pp forgets his tee and needs you to toss him one. He's not going to hit a good shot with it, too busy giggling. You win the hole!

  7. Folks get a wood tee. It is all you need. It’s the skill of a golf swing period that drives your ball. Everyone has a different power level .

  8. My thought with tees is I’m going to use whichever one I find on the tee box that is less broken, pinch it together, gently wiggle it into the ground, and hit it further than you ever could. 🙂

  9. Lots of comments saying 4 more yards tees don’t break. I agree. But I found that all tees are the same when tossed in the lake in anger after a pull hook.

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