Right Elbow Right Hip Golf Downswing – BEST Ball-Striking Move

In this video, you'll learn how moving the right elbow in the right hip in the golf downswing produces amazing results. This one move gets your golf swing on plane and also shallows out the golf club in the downswing. It results in more consistent strikes and predictable ball flights making it easier to shoot lower golf scores. This golf swing move works for beginners right through to better players.

The right elbow controls the swing plane, so you must get it right. Practice making one-arm swings by tucking the right elbow as close to the trail hip as possible in the downswing. As it flattens out the golf club, it is easier to bring the clubhead through to the inside of the golf ball, which produces a more consistent strike. You'll start hitting it solid and play better golf. It's one of the best tips you'll ever see!


▸ 0:00 Why is this such a powerful move in the golf swing
▸ 1:20 Pros do this one move, and amateurs don't
▸ 2:10 How to shallow the shaft like a touring pro with this 1 feel
▸ 3:15 Reasons why you cannot do this pro move
▸ 5:30 Great feel to ensure you master this move
▸ 7:00 Two checkpoints that guarantee this great downswing move
▸ 8:30 How to practice ensuring a great golf downswing
▸ 9:30 Demonstration of this right elbow to right hip move
▸ 10:00 Watch this video on how to get hip depth in the golf backswing


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18 thoughts on “Right Elbow Right Hip Golf Downswing – BEST Ball-Striking Move

  1. ???? Thanks for watching. Are you going to implement this right elbow to the right hip in the golf downswing move in your golf swing? Do you have any questions about this video that you need help understanding? Let me know in the comments below ????

  2. this is a real issue with my swing.. my question is do you always keep that trail wrist cup, or do ya'll un-cock the wrist then fire the arm? TIA

  3. I have to say. I've been playing golf since the late 90's and this has, by far, been the best tip I've ever used. Keeping my elbow tucked in immediately improved my iron striking, as well as adding extra yards. I've had countless lessons over the years but have never , as far as I can remember, had this advice. The improvement was immediate. Thank you so much. Mick. ????‍♂️????‍♂️

  4. I watched your other video a while back about pushing the hips back on the downswing. I went from 168 ball speed to 180 with the driver trying that. Going to try this tomorrow with the right elbow as I’ve been struggling with coming over the top. Thanks for the video

  5. At what point do i release this? With the trail elbow bent it gives shaft lean so i get more compression on the ball but feels like i'm sacrificing speed because i never stretch out he right elbow and let the club release

  6. Really good explanation on this move. I’m trying to get there but when I get the right elbow into the desired position, I end up with the face open at impact causing a big miss to the right. Any suggestions on how to square it up better? Appreciate it…

  7. For me, I'm all about feels and sensations. I'm currently working on trying to get the feeling of my right elbow is going into my right hip pocket, so that I can feel as connected as possible. It looks like the club face is square and clubface is behind my hands, which is what you want. Do you think that trying to put your right elbow into your right hip pocket or having it graze/touch the right hip is a good approach?

  8. Another great video. I've been working on this move lately too. It makes a lot of good things happen naturally in the swing, shallowing, rotation etc.

  9. There are a lot of great instructors on Youtube. I've followed many and have subscribed to half a dozen. I may be wrong but I think your just an amateur that learned how to play golf and is now teaching on Youtube. Maybe that's why your such a great instructor. Nothing you say is new. I have heard all this before but you teach it, demonstrate it and explain it better than any of the others. Your just absolutely the best.

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