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Mastering the Right Arm in the Downswing with DL Golf Tips

Welcome to DL Golf Tips, your ultimate destination for golf improvement strategies! Join me, David Leathem, as I delve into the intricacies of perfecting your golf swing with a focus on the often-overlooked right arm in the golf downswing. In this comprehensive tutorial, I'll walk you through the revolutionary “squeeze and turn” golf drill—a game-changer for golfers of all levels.

Are you struggling to synchronize your swing and achieve that coveted power and accuracy? Look no further! This drill emphasizes the essential coordination between your right and left elbow in the downswing, facilitating optimal external rotation of the right shoulder—a hallmark move observed in elite PGA Tour and professional golfers.

But wait, there's more! We'll also explore the critical turning aspect of the golf downswing, ensuring that your lead wrist rotates downward, maintaining a square clubface position throughout the golf downswing. By mastering this technique, you'll not only enhance your right arm mechanics but also optimize the position of your trail wrist, setting the stage for consistent and powerful ball-striking reminiscent of the pros.

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12 thoughts on “GAME CHANGING Squeeze and Turn Move | Right Arm in the Downswing | Golf Tips

  1. Great lesson and demonstration of the right elbow movement. I can throw a baseball sidearm and hit a tennis forehand very hard but for some reason my elbow doesn't move forward in the golf swing the way it does when throwing a ball or swinging a tennis racquet. When I try and get the elbow forward, it doesn't feel like the clubhead has time to get down to the ball. However, on the rare times that I do trust it, I get great compression, don't have to think about releasing the clubhead (it automatically gets down to the ball), and I crush it. You're also correct about the ball between the arms – brutal!

  2. It is mind boggling to me why you would explain all the anatomical bits correctly for the entire body and then basically say “grip neutral and how your wrist for impact” – just effn grip the club strong at adress and just rotate. If you don’t rotate enough it gives tou a duck hook. if you do it gives you dead straight without hahing to do anything with your clubface. It always stays square to the arc/ swingplane and never opens or closes relative to it. Your rotation through the ball has a rate of closing through impact that gives you a mild draw spin – adjust for slightly open face at impact and you hit a baby draw ever single time.

  3. I just discovered your channel, nice video. I have a bad habit of "rolling" my right hand over and pulling shots Left (I'm right handed). Any thoughts or drill ideas? Cheers!

  4. Brilliant as always David. You made a bunch of complex stuff really quite simple. Using the tour-striker ball or balloon could give a lot of free back swing benefits. The hard part for me is closing the face on the way down….thank goodness I have lots of balloons. Cheers!

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