Mendte takes on Champions Landing | Disc Golf Valley | Ep 18 | Gatekeeper Media

Welcome to the rebroadcast of episode 18 of the ultimate Disc Golf Valley challenge! It's Jon Mendte from That! Comic Podcast, and I'm teaming up with Gatekeeper Media to dive into the world of Disc Golf Valley. Why you ask? To see if its possible to learn the game well enough to take on Derek from Gatekeeper, both in-game and IRL! I will need your help!

Join us as I jump headfirst into Disc Golf Valley! Not idea what I'm doing, or even how to play the game. Faking like there is any strategy in my throws, and hopefully… HOPEFULLY, I can master the intricacies of disc golf. At least enough to take Derek down a peg or two.

So, grab your discs, jump into the chat, and see if I have what it takes to conquer the Gatekeeper Disc Golf Valley Challenge. Derek is toast… eventually.

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