The Best Sidearms in Disc Golf

The sidearm in disc golf is often overlooked in our day and age so I wanted to bring more of a spotlight onto that specific shot. Top ten disc golf sidearms that are currently playing right now. Whose in your Top Ten?

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24 thoughts on “The Best Sidearms in Disc Golf

  1. This list needs a yearly update. Eagle will probably never throw side arm as far as he used to. Ohn, Tamm, Latt, Stokley, and others people comment about. Maybe have a distance, accuracy, shot shaping, and a side arm that wins events categories. For instance Cramer less know but has a dominant side arm game but you don't see him on top often so would not make the list.

  2. I think you are right on point, although I might have moved Ricky up to #2. Too bad about Eagle's injury, but hopefully he can recover fully. Hell, he won the the European Open in an epic duel with Pablo without ever throwing a single RH side-arm. Good list though.

  3. Eagle has a BETTER forehand than Jerm and Sexton? ???????????? bro we all know he throws far but to say he has a BETTER forehand is just crazy

  4. Its funny, SIlver Lätt is not listed thought he has best sidearm, he is accurate, smooth and throws realy far and he is not even top 10. Is the reason that hes not american or something. Its realy weird to make list "best" and not include player globally.

  5. ???????????????????? nice list, no eu players in top 10 when there is actually european players like saukkoriipi and joutsen with 170m sidearm outdriving almost every us player in sidearm distance with insane accurate shots????????????????????

  6. I dont think many people are going to have success imitating hanum, that disc goes all sorts of different places behind his body before it is released, and would just give people trying to get a reliable forehand even more problems with the dreaded off axis torque wobble

  7. Cmon man. Sidearm and no mention of Scott Stokely? Not only is he one of the original O.G's from OG he's still playing the Pro division and he just placed 3rd at one of the Europe tour events!!! Did I mention how many world distance records he has had for sidearm?

  8. Gotta give a shout to Sara Hokum. Nobody relies on forehand so totally, and dominates with it. If not in the top 10, she should have gotten an honorable mention. Othe than that, great list!

  9. Just seeing this now. Would love to see a 2023 update. So Sadly the Eagle has landed, though a few sidearm upshots keep him on the list for now. Gossage now top 5, and Tattar now on the list. MIght be time for some old Stokely and new Kramer respect. Carry on.

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