Niklas Puts Disc Golf on ESPN and Ohn Breaks Records!

Episode 43 of the Swanky Disc Golf Show! Today we’re breaking down the open at Austin and all of the craziest story lines in disc golf!

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3 thoughts on “Niklas Puts Disc Golf on ESPN and Ohn Breaks Records!

  1. Ian and Philo are absolutely horrible!!! I can’t stand when I turn on the round and they are the commentators. And for some idiotic reason DGN has them together more than anyone else. I’m sure they are fantastic people but if DGPT/DGN wants to continue to grow and get more professional they both have to go. As well as Nate Perkins needs to up his professionalism by 500%! On a positive I thought Des was outstanding for the FPO coverage but again Ian brought it down unfortunately.

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