One of the BEST Golf Clubs of 2024…but I'm NOT Gaming it?!

We review the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke HL Irons which are looking to become the best golf clubs for beginners and the best golf clubs for high handicappers.

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17 thoughts on “One of the BEST Golf Clubs of 2024…but I'm NOT Gaming it?!

  1. How does it compare to the Mizuno Hot Metal HL? Similar lofts but IMO the Mizuno looks better.

    And do you think that type of club would be good for someone with a fast swing speed (90+ mph 7 iron) but needs the forgiveness of a Game Improvement iron?

  2. i am not a good golfer, i am around 90. but even for me, if you want to 27* or 25* 7iron, just buy a one length set of clubs. If you have a 5 iron the same length as the 7 so your swing can stay consistent without changing shaft length, then hit the 5. Most bad golfers like myself really need help inside 150 yards anyway to actually score and not lose a bunch of strokes just trying to get the ball in the hole. I don't need my pitching wedge to go 120 yards because the lofts on the whole set are cranked up. I struggle with half swings as it is, and if the shortest club in my back before I get to a 56/54 that is not a "game improvement" club still goes 120 yards, then I have to hit half shots and that defeats all the tech. these are still over kill on distance, but i like they are not trying to be the longest. I want the high flight to stop the ball because my backspin is not great, and I want forgivness on mis strikes, but even as a shorter hitter, I don't really want the extra distance.

  3. I tried this out at the box store. I was hitting it about 155yards, 110ft, with 7300 back spin. It felt great. The pro said I was hitting too high and leaving too much distance on the table… but, my numbers match pretty well to a tour pros 9 iron or PW. If those numbers are good for their 9 irons, why would they be bad for my 7i?

  4. I've got these irons. I suggest getting fitted though because the first set I got I got standard and I pulled them Badly. I decided I really liked the way they felt so I got them 2 Degrees Flat and Now I really Like them. They're very nice.

  5. Per the specs shown, I note that the length of the 7 iron is the same as the length of my current 6 iron. And, the lofts are similar, 30 deg vs my 31 deg. So is it really a 7 iron? Because of the club numbering, now we (supposedly) need more wedges and less long irons. Personally, I see the "numbers" as somewhat deceiving, but as long as players understand what they are getting (and are properly fitted) then that counts the most.

  6. Thanks for reviewing these. I have been looking at all the HL irons this year. It would be great to see a toe to toe against the TM Qi 10 HL…. Please

  7. I found it interesting to see Callaway not following the norm of "here Mr youtuber, take this 27 degree so called 7 iron, blast it 210 yards so we can sell it to the hackers who won't even get it flying high enough to get any kind of distance". Edit: Also a plus for the Steve Winwood cameo 😀

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