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Great to be able to work with Chris and help him with his driver swing. Chris had a really common problem that many golfers struggle [Tips]
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Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts breaks down how Rory Mcilroy uses his lower body in the downswing to generate his power. [Tips]
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Gareth bale real Madrid Wales victory reaction Amazing and chocking shocking
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AMAZING videos of junior golfers making hole outs chip-ins and making putts.
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Fueled by a hole out at the par-4 15th hole, Tiger Woods came back from a 5-shot deficit to take the title at the 2000 [Tips]
Thumbs up for Richard Green who has scored his 1st #albatross with an #ace at the par-4 15th during the #VicOpen Pro-Am http://www.pga.org.au/news/pga-tour-aus/vic-open/ace
I challenge Harry Flower to a bit of target pratice. We aim at a floodlight 40 yards away and have 4 attempts each, watch till [Tips]