PGA swing coach Trevor Salzman @trevorsalzmangolf shows how to train with The Hogan Swing Shirt. Maintaining a “connected golf swing” and your swing radius is [Tips]
Drive the ball longer and straighter !
At the PGA Show Anna Whiteley had the opportunity to try out some weird and wonderful golfing gizmos, including the The Golf Swing Shirt which [Tips]
The golf swing shirt is a great device for promoting connection in the swing. It also helps you just turn your shoulders and let tour [Tips]
The golf swing shirt is a new golf training aid for your full swing. It costs about $70 online. Deceptively simple training aid, I like [Tips]
Can this training aid help you're golf swing? I'll take a look at it and give you my thoughts! #jpgolf #golf #golfer #golfing #golflife #golflifestyle [Tips]
Padraig Harrington and Martin Hall on THE GOLF Channel June 21, 2016
The golf swing shirt is a training aid designed to connect your arms and body in the swing. It's a bit of a funny looking [Tips]
The Golf Swing Shirt Training Aid It's a little awkward but I guess that's the point to a degree. I have not utilized it over [Tips]