2024 Golf Clubs Leaked!

Here are all the new 2024 golf club releases I'm looking forward to!

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20 thoughts on “2024 Golf Clubs Leaked!

  1. Re: Maltby TS1 IM irons. I am playing them currently, 6I-GW, with 65g R shafts. I was playing the previous model TS1s with 85g R shafts. Very forgiving clubs IMHO. I also like the KE4 Hybrids and the KE4TC Max driver. I’m not a fan of their KE4 fairways though.

  2. Came to see what Titleist is bringing, came out with nada lol. None the less great video, good insight to what's coming. Glad to see you're on top of things Gabe. You're video was second when I typed in new 2024 driver. Odd that I didn't get a notification that you uploaded. What days is it again? Tues/Thursdays you upload?

  3. It’s the year I get fitted for a new driver all my clubs trolley and bag are set and done but am still using the old TM m4 driver I love it BUT it’s out of date compare to everything else so the QI10 is something I want and am still waiting for the date they come to the uk hopefully next month ????????

  4. I fell in love my my stix irons. They have alot more playability then i initially imagined, and they don't have the prototypical game improvement bulky look which i like alot. They look slick. And I got them due in part to your review! Happy new year. ????

  5. Doooooood…the Maltby TS1M is legit! This is actually an update on the original TS1 which came out in 2019, utilizing the same hollow-body, polymer-filled, multi-piece forging construction technique now prevalent in nearly every iron producer's repertoire. The TS1M updates the face material with a hotter MS300 Maraging steel, small adjustments to the lofts…but the best part of the update is the look…sarsaparilla, they're gorgeous. You also must try the TS4 blade: it can be blended seemlessly into a TS1M set, has a milled sole and gracious does it feel phenomenal while also being the easiest true blade to hit since the Maxfli Australian Blades!

  6. Bless the Wilson Staff folks for maintaining a more old-school, multi-year spanning release schedule. Right around the time they were wrapping up the FG Tour V2 lineup circa 2012, I heard one of their staff retail guys speaking on behalf of their R&D team, saying about their forged player cavity and player blade lineups, "Look, the forged iron that pros want to play is already pretty maxed out performance-wise nowadays, and our guys don't see a need for updating these specific lineups more than once every few years…ideally like every 4-5 years."

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