? Locker Room Celebrations With Brian Harman | INSIDE THE OPEN | SUNDAY

The 151st Open has finished and American Brian Harman walks away with the Claret Jug! His rounds of 67, 65, 69 and 70 left him at -13, 6 shots ahead of second.

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28 thoughts on “? Locker Room Celebrations With Brian Harman | INSIDE THE OPEN | SUNDAY

  1. I’ve never seen so many subdued, jealous people. Geez, nobody clapping or cheering at all as he walks back to the lockers? Sure, stuffy/reserved Englishmen and all, but still…. What wankers!!!!

  2. I can't recall a player carrying a club after a win from the green to the scorers tent. Obviously his putting separated him from the field this week.

  3. Only player to understand the ball won't move much on wet greens because you have to hit the putt harder. Most players were hitting putts expecting them to break like on a dry surface.

  4. The content team @theopen is without a doubt, top notch! All of these BTS videos from this week have been fantastic. I truly wish we had this at every tournament or at least every major. First class organization and first class production. Cannot say enough good things about this channel and the team responsible. Hats off to you

  5. The very last words heard were the ones we were all thinking – "can you give me a putting lesson?" A worthy winner who was in full control of his golf all week.

  6. These videos inside the venues amenities are great. Not sure the players love it, but it’s great content for us. This was a great tournament with Brian winning. I love it when underdogs and true grinders come out of nowhere and dominate. Great for Brian. Even better for sport.

  7. What a tournament from Brian Harman. Absolutely mercurial and almost faultless golf in the very worst of conditions. Well deserved. Shame there were not more people there at the end but he'd mugged the field and the weather was appalling. Does not detract from Brian absolutely ripping the field apart. A most worthy champion golfer for 2023.

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