3 iron vs 5 Wood Which One is BEST?

Should you carry a 3 iron or a 5 wood? Know which one is right for you.

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12 thoughts on “3 iron vs 5 Wood Which One is BEST?

  1. ❇️ I recently put a 2 iron 20 degrees in the bag ✅ and I also still have a 5 wood ❇️ I play a windy ????️ golf ⛳️ course and the shaft needed a change to get the flight and dispersion right ✅ I put in a Ventus VeloCore ❇️

  2. 3 iron is more consistent for me than a hybrid. I can hit the 3 iron high, low and shape it left or right. I've given hybrids a go but I just tame them.

  3. I'm trying to find something to replace my hybrids. I just can't hit them the face is always closed but I can hit my irons perfect and 5 wood fine just not hybrids

  4. The manufacturers have really mislead us, IMO, with the jacked lofts. This season I have 300 forged in the bag with the shorter irons bent weak. So 3-49* PW. Plus I can still play 56/60 AND a 5w AND a 3w driver, and putter. The new crap is set up so you have to play a gap and the lofts are too close 4-G, IMO. I really enjoyed your video on the bag setup…

  5. DON'T EVER call it a 5 metal.. It's a 5 WOOD.
    By saying 5 metal you will confuse new golfers.
    It's a wood, and it will ALWAYS be called a wood..
    So stop saying 5 metal.. It's not a 5 metal…
    a 5 Iron would be a 5 Metal,..
    a 5 Wood is a 5 WOOD.
    Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Putters… That's It.
    Keep It Simple.

  6. unrelated to this vid, but thank you Mr Short Game… my wife pulled me out to our backyard net to show me her "new" full swing, she's very new to golf but i asked her what she did to get such a huge improvement in one day (went from swinging like a girl – no offense anyone – to swinging like a golfer!) and she said it was from watching one of your vids! thank you MSG for the awesome content; you may have just saved my marriage????.

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