Back 9 Masters Special | Augusta Replica Course

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Petre Fox says:

Not going to lie. I thought this was going to be a bit naff but I really want to play that course now! Great idea and looks realistic. Great 3 ball. All 3 parts worth watching as there's a lot of good golf.

Richard Crookes says:

great to see you guys having fun here

Dark Horse says:

that is amazing that course! Since we will never play the real thing, this is now a bucket list with as many muligans as I like!!

Cian Lanigan says:

Is it mandatory to have a caddy when you play in Thailand?

Anttuhh says:

tbh when those trees grow, this course will look very much like Augusta!

Derek Elliott says:

11:12. How does her knee bend like that!?

nong mar says:

8:16 Blubber: "Oh, yes. Can't wait for the shot-tracer on that."
Well said, Sir! In the true spirit of the game.

Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri says:

"Here comes the double cross.." hahaha banter like a pro… Just as the back swing starts… Enjoyed that guys! Nice course… Must try next time up there

Jeff Peace says:

Loved the caddies shouting and the look on James face!! Ha ha

GrandmasterN says:

Planning any battles with Parfield any time soon?

GrandmasterN says:

8:15 play that in slower speed!

spocktra50 says:

What a great fun course.Would it be expensive to play ?

squib 31 says:

It is laid out like Augusta but not near as hilly. I walked Augusta twice in 2002 for Tuesday practice rounds and was worn out afterwards. Lets just say TV does not even begin to do it justice. The Augusta fairways are better than the greens at most courses and the greens surfaces look more like expensive billiard tables.

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