Beginner Series Episode 3: GOLF SETUP BASICS

How to setup to the golf ball.
Ball Position, Stance width, Posture, etc…
I will be talking about the important aspects of a good set up position to give you great fundamentals! As a beginner or an experienced player, it is crucial that you have a good setup because it will promote good habits in your swing.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!


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28 thoughts on “Beginner Series Episode 3: GOLF SETUP BASICS

  1. Love your videos. Smoke, concise and correct. My question is at address should the wrists be in ulnar, radial or neutral deviation and why?
    Thank you
    Michael Gsbel

  2. Hi Jonathan. Where were you 30 years ago? I really like the way you instruct on the videos. They are so easy to follow and your teaching is clear. Have learnt a lot and will let you know how my game improves.

  3. Love your lessons Jonathan. Just wondering can you go over ball position for different clubs. Driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons. Thanks so much.

  4. Sorry if i missed it, but how is the weight distributed between the balls of the feet and heel at setup? Keep the videos coming! They are so helpful and I find myself watching them over and over.

  5. Hi Jonathan, If I am setup using the stack and tilt method, should I put more weight on my front leg and should I flare my feet? Also, if I am attempting to draw the ball can I align my body to the right of the target line?

  6. Thanks Jonathan, the best golf videos I've seen.
    On the setup, my arms are in a forward position to try to make the arm and club a straight line. If I put the arms down, should I use the wrists to make an angle between the arms and the club?

  7. Great video. I’m brand new to the sport and love your videos. I have a question…… how far away should you place yourself from your feet to your target line/ball? I guess it may depend on what type of club you’re using or how long your arms are. But just wanted to ask. Thanks

  8. Thanks, Jonathan, for the excellent tip, as always.
    I tend to struggle standing over a ball for a minute or two, figuring out how to keep my clubface perpendicular to the target line. Following is the sequential order to complete my setup.
    1) I place my Clubface perpendicular to the target line with my right hand as my feet are together..

    2) I will place my left hand into position by performing an Interlock with a strong left-hand grip, which will be harnessed by my neutral right grip.

    3) I reconfirm my body alignment, posture, and when as I get ready to take back my clubface, I almost ALWAYS notice my clubface is slightly closed to the target, which causes my ball to go off the target line as it starts somewhat from the right to the target line, and as it goes off the target line to my left by 15 to 20 yards every time.

    I tend to struggle with this Club Face closed position as I'm looking down at the ball; hence, I try to tweak my grip, opening up my clubface slightly, and as I get ready to take back the clubface, I noticed AGAIN that my clubface tends to be on the closed side…… I am SO puzzled by this and struggling how to become comfortable knowing that my clubface is perpendicular to the target line….

    Any tip or even a video tutorial will help tremendously, and I get the feeling that I'm not alone out there…
    Appreciate your help… You're the Best !!!

  9. For setting up posture how about telling students to push the hip back a bit while simultaneously pushing the knees forward just a bit. Doing these two actions together connect their upper and lower body body nicely together. If they do to much they will soon learn their posture will prevent them from freely swing the club back and forth

  10. JKM where is your weight? balls? heels?, how to get there? I was always taught from feet slightly apart and legs straight bend from hips forward (like on a ski jump.) When you feel you are going to topple over, flex the knees to recover. This ensures weight is distributed with most being on the balls of your feet.. During the back and downswing body weight transfers to trail heel etc. keeping weight on the balls ensures staying in posture through impact. Thoughts?

  11. Hi Jo,
    I Follow you for about 3 Weeks from Germany and Try to achieve Stack and Tilt as you Teach it With good Progress.
    But there are some open questions about Setup and swing movements on slope. Are there any hints from your side?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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