BEST GOLF DRIVERS OF 2024 | Low-Spin Drivers | BEST OF 2024

This edition of the BEST OF 2024 series features the best golf drivers of 2024, including the TaylorMade Qi10 LS driver, Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond driver, and Cobra DARKSPEED LS driver. This BEST OF 2024 video highlights the best low-spin drivers available in 2nd Swing fittings early in 2024.

0:00 Intro
4:10 Testing (Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond)
9:44 Testing (TaylorMade Qi10 LS)
14:44 Testing (Cobra DARKSPEED LS)
23:04 Kevin's Picks

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald is joined by master fitter Kevin Kraft to test and review the best golf drivers of 2024 in the low-spin category.

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24 thoughts on “BEST GOLF DRIVERS OF 2024 | Low-Spin Drivers | BEST OF 2024

  1. I need to stop watching these videos before I buy a whole second bags worth of clubs. New clubs with new tech with good results is far too tempting.

  2. I went to one of your stores for the 1st time on a business trip to Dallas yesterday and it was amazing. You need to open a store in Atlanta lol. Would put the PGA Super Store's there on notice for sure.

  3. "We're testing low spin drivers today"

    Driver has low spin

    "No we don't like this one it spins too low. Instead we'll tinker with the other 2 on camera chasing this one but not do anything to this one"

    Posts video

  4. I’m sorry but taking out valid shots because of “iTaLiCs” is flat stupid. You completely skew numbers for that? How do you guys expect anyone to take y’all seriously for comparison purposes when you manipulate info for something so stupid? That shits embarrassing

  5. The AI smoke had the most distance and the lowest spin. Since you're testing low spin drivers it should have gotten number one in performance. Plus you hit more balls with the TaylorMade and cobra. That's not fair to Callaway

    Keep up the good work guys, love your videos

  6. Kevin i have the Qi10 driver and yes im finicky about the fingerprints too????. I will be ready to swing and bam! I see a smudge on the crown and cant swing!

  7. I'm not here to correct Kelly's move, but he sets up so far from the ball and then lunges down after it. I wonder if that's intentional to "keep him down vs humping the goat"? 5:20. I can't tell if it causes him to fall forward onto his toes because he's always scurrying after the ball. :). But he does declare a lot of misses off the toe of the club.

  8. Whats with the numbers versus the dispersion pictures on the golf hole? The numbers showed the Callaway being the longest, but on the dispersion circles, it showed Callaway the shortest.

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