Best Hybrid 2024: Where should you spend your money this year?

After a winter rammed full of club testing TG Test Pro and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow reveal the best hybrids of 2024.

We narrow 17 models down to our favourite four and show comparison data for all the leading options. We also offer plenty of insight into how to choose the correct hybrid body profile that will best suit your game.


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Get more information about the winners on our website below
TaylorMade Qi10 –

Callaway AI Smoke HL –

Cobra Darkspeed –

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15 thoughts on “Best Hybrid 2024: Where should you spend your money this year?

  1. Hi Simon & Neil liked review ????, just had a Callaway Demo day looking at Ai smoke irons, struggling to get 120yards so tried Ai smoke 8 Hybrid got 130yds comfortably with higher straight flight & could control shot shape, I’m typically 1 club longer with Hybrids than Irons, have TSR1 hybrids in 5,6,7, think I’ll be getting the Ai smoke 8 Hybrid io join them, Dickey 9hcp 77year senior golfer

  2. This is great thank you. Suggestion for next time: right align columns with numbers and have consistent decimals within a column. Will make reading easier.

  3. Played today and my playing partner and I tried the 5h in the Qi10. My playing partner has a much slower club speed than I do, he loved the Qi10, I hated it – it performed very well, 175-180 yards is only 5 yards behind my current 4h (23 degrees, an old G410) which is fitted for me, the demo Qi10 obviously was not, I suspect with the right shaft there would be no difference between the two and there was plenty of stopping power (with the caveat that the greens are very soft at the moment) from a nice high ball flight. However, the feel was horrible, difficult to describe, the sound was a dull thud but I got no impression of solidity from it. Of course that could just be me

  4. I have been enjoying your category reviews. It is a lot of work on your part, but certainly helps us viewers make choices that will best suit our game. Thank you.

  5. Well done lads, I know there is a lot of work that goes into producing these videos and you all make it seem very easy. Thank you for excellent data presentation. I wish the Mizuno hybrid was in this comparison. I have one and it’s quite impressive in terms of distance and forgiveness ????????‍♂️

  6. I have a TSR3 4H and for me the best feeling/sounding and performing hybrid. i’ve had several hybrids over the years most recently before my TSR3 i had a cobra speedzone 4H and that was great too but no feeling on impact. it had a very hard feeling. I loved the rails, although that was the last cobra model which had rails.
    I bought my TSR3 4H to match my driver and Fairway woods and I’m loving it.

  7. Great video guys, so how does the Cobra Darkspeed compare to the Aerojet which I have in 17 and 21 degrees, the 17 is my favourite club and is a low spin missile launcher used primarily off the tee but also for par 5 approaches while the 21 is really a 2nd shot club replacing a 5 / 7 wood.

  8. I must commend you guys for truly trying to be objective and factual and basing your opinions on actual data. However, there is no logic behind including the Eleven set of clubs in your 2024 best high handicap irons review instead of here in the best hybrids review! The Eleven clubs are hybrid clubs through and through; they are not irons in any way, shape or form!

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