Best Mid-Handicap / Game Improver Irons 2023

Shot on location at the brilliant Dundonald Links in Scotland TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the best Mid-Handicap Irons of 2023.

We narrow 19 sets down to our favourite four models of the year and show comparison data for all the leading options.

See the test data on our website here

1:01 Who are Mid-Handicap irons aimed at and how we categorise irons
2:05 Should you choose cavity back or hollow body models?
3:23 How we tested
4:36 How do all 19 models compare for dispersion?
8:36 How do all 19 models compare for launch, spin, height, descent angle and carry distance?
12:14 Our four best performing Mid-Handicap irons of 2023
16:17 How do Mid-Handicap irons compare to other iron categories?

Get more information about all of our best performing Mid-Handicap irons individually below:
Ping G430 –

TaylorMade Stealth –

Srixon ZX4 MK II –

PXG 0211 XCOR2 –

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26 thoughts on “Best Mid-Handicap / Game Improver Irons 2023

  1. Another great review. My swing speed with 7 iron is around 70 mph. Your opinion on irons for me would be much appreciated. I’m 67 years old and handicap 13.

    Love your reviews. ?

  2. 190+ yards for a 7 iron???? Clearly not testing mid-handicap irons with a mid-handicapper. Surely if you are testing for the "Best mid-handicap irons" you should be asking a mid-handicapper to do the test?

  3. Question. I haven’t played in a few years and the irons I was using are taylormade r7 with a stiff staff. I’ve never had my swing speed tested but it’s pretty high and I’ve generally always high my irons farther than most. I would like to get a new set but I’m not sure what to get. I’m looking for as much forgiveness as I can get but don’t really need the added distance that I’m seeing from most of these clubs. What do you suggest?

  4. Great detail, thanks, how do we recognise that the club/ball speed is becoming too low in longed irons? Is there a rule of thumb, launch v height v descent, cheers

  5. Please stop comparing spin rates based on the number on the bottom of the club.

    The average category 3+3.5 7 iron has 4999 spin at a distance of 188.9
    The Srixon ZX4 7 iron travels 197yds with 4598 rpm.

    Now take a category 1 club that goes 188.9 yds and 197 yds.
    And tell me how much spin it has.
    The number on the bottom of the club is irrelevant.

  6. May i suggest that next time you keep the slides in the foreground and the talk in the background, so we can make sense of what you are talking about and judge for ourselves. As you did it we could hardly read anything and the talk became boring. After watching a few minutes I just scrolled to the end to watch the conclusion.

  7. Would be great if you can also review XXIO irons; I recently bought them and I feel that these are one of the best mid handicap irons that no one talks about…

  8. Great review and thank you! Thank you for adding Apex DCB (my gamers), that helps me see if its worth the upgrade and appears G430 & 923HM give little more distance and speed, height, and spin, which I need all 4. May I ask you to reply what the 923HM "HL" #s were? Here in AZ I need height and spin so love to see my 7i spin over 5800 because my low left draw spins even less than your tests, cheers!

  9. Great review guys and all good irons, but no mention of the Wilson Dynapower which was top with the Srixon and great value £95-£111 for steel and graphite.
    Generally reviews have been excellent for Wilson and like Cleveland and PXG 0211 fantastic value.

  10. I really appreciate how you're performing the reviews, especially around "dispersion" and how will an iron "stop" given not only the spin (wayyyyy too many reviewers still focus only on spin – so tired of hearing "6 iron should be at 6000 rpm"), but on peak height and landing angle.

  11. The g430 are the best irons I’ve hit. So forgiving and consistent. Look great and they are massive or loft jacked too much. For me out performed Mizuno, TM, Callaway this year. They will be in the bag for a good few years to come

  12. This category of irons will suit far more golfers than will admit it! I swapped from Taylormade M3 irons the Stealth Irons last year and really like the extra distance they provide which is useful in the real world. What you didn't mention was the shaft options. I went from steel to UST Dart graphite shafts which has helped me too. If you have the option I'd suggest you choose your new irons (and all clubs for that matter) in conjunction with your teaching pro if you're having lessons as they will know your swing far better than a fitter will do in a single fitting session, unless you're very consistent. Finally if you're not hitting the ball well on the day of the fitting be prepared to walk away and come back when you are if you don't think the fitter is going down the right path for you. You might have to pay for the fitting but that's cheaper than buying the wrong clubs.

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