Best Mid Handicap Irons 2024

What are the best mid handicap irons for 2024 and the irons you should have in your golf bag this year? Ryan rounds up 5 of his favourite mid handicap irons for 2024.

For a full 2024 round-up of the best irons you should be playing, read more here:

In this video get full insights into each of irons featured along with some additional data and analysis from previous testings and reviews.

00:35 Wilson Dynapower Forged
02:50 Srixon ZX5
06:20 PING i530
07:50 TaylorMade P790
09:00 COBRA Forged Tec

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19 thoughts on “Best Mid Handicap Irons 2024

  1. No Mizuno, No Titleist – and you spent the first 60% of the video talking about 40% of the clubs??? Anyone looking to go get fit for this range of clubs if they don't have the T200 and either one of the JPX line , or the Mizuno 245 Pro in the testing matrix – run away.

  2. My last Mizuno set was horrible made. No one loft was correct and swingweight was terrible!
    Recently i bougth the Taylor p790 and after test it only the PW was out in swingweight by half point but same on three different club sets we tested so maybe was a last modification? Anyway it felt correct.
    But with the Mizuno , the shop who tested the cluns asked me if they was a fake set!! but it wasnt .

  3. Would the Mizuno 245s fall in this category? I hit with them yesterday and they felt really good and pretty similar to Wilson D9 forged and Cobra Forged Tec.

  4. Titleist t150 for me! Was fitted for them in November 23 and I tried them all in an epic fitting and the numbers didn’t lie’ Titleist best looking also in my opinion, does anyone else agree?

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