Billy Foster on Seve, Lee Westwood & Tiger Woods | Inside The Game | Golfing World

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Billy Foster looks back fondly on his incredible journey on tour which has seen him work with some of the finest talents in the game, including Seve Ballesteros, Darren Clarke, Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods.
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Murachu O'Flionn says:

Great guy. Fantastic man to have on your bag.

MrOitoyboy says:

Old school caddy’s always have the best and funniest golf stories.

peter guildford says:

I need Billy to help me with my chipping. "Hey Billy! fancy a holiday in New Zealand mate" I wonder how much he would charge? I probably need to win lotto first.

Marty Wize says:


notformebeaky says:

Does anyone know what the piano music is?

amadan34 says:

with Fitzpatrick now

Marv Sayles says:

One word billy yorkshire

Cryptobradley200 says:

This dude is the "MAN" !!

Al Robertson says:

McIlroy should give him a call.

Arran Melaugh says:

He lives in my hometown of Bingley

ripyerballs says:

Great insight into the world of a caddy what a top bloke.

Tom Collings says:

Subscribe to my channel for some future golfing content

martinkscott says:

My dream job was to be a caddy,so jealous of billy but sound guy

Charles Harrison says:

What an excellent video. He is a highly regarded and devoted caddy, who all the pro’s he has worked work for respect him greatly. I hope he can achieve his long term goal and that is to win the British Open, it would be the icing on the cake and what he truly deserves.

George Thompson says:

Billy go caddy for Andy Sullivan and it will be a match made in heaven. I don't know why but My gut tells me he needs you on his bag.

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