Carl Yuan has one of the most unique swings/range sessions in pro golf

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bigheadrhino says:

Hmmm looks like his way of swinging relieves the left knee from twisting as hard as a normal drive would. Time will tell if he has more or less injuries than the average pro.

AM2PM says:

He is as water, shapeless and awesome

mongoosevsgt says:

No offense but is this guy like special? Like waterboy special?

MG says:

Not really a golfer more like a trickster.

PK says:

Please pair up with Choi Ho-sung

Texasflood says:

Caddy Shack…..😅

Mr. Mook says:

Cricket background 😱🫣😭🥴🤣😅

Wojtek Rojewski says:

And why does his swing work? Pause it on the downswing when the club is parallel to the ground, and he’ll look like any other high end tour caliber player. The things he does afterwards is just icing; it’s the willing of the ball in to the shape he wants. The art form takes over for this guy in his head and he seems like a savant of sorts who just lets the image of the shot envelop him and take over. Very interesting to see someone with this approach do so well.

Seth Wiggins says:

Always in the moment and doing what he wants with it! It makes normal people uncomfortable 😂

Tiger PSA says:

Chinese swing…

Lance Broderick says:

That’s hanging morning warmup

C. says:

Not unique, it's Asian.

Fernando Llovet de Casso says:

get this guy on tour

Albert Kotze says:

He has been watching me very closely.

Atrium Falter says:

He’s the tony Ferguson of golf

smoozerish says:

This is a joke…right?

Flora N Fauna says:

I used to teach golf and say "after the ball is gone, you can do a dance for all I care but before impact, YOU must be on balance". Go Carl GO!!

ironside eve says:

Yo this guy got some serious power

Oviblin says:

Hey look at me, att who….

Eli Lewis says:

His range is when I get to many and I’m trying to just go home

Sun Bin Lee says:

Swing your swing 🎉

Pundeh Koteh says:

Bros playing shaolin golf

tommyoshady says:

Need more characters like this in golf. 👍👍👍

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