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The golf swing shirt is a training aid designed to connect your arms and body in the swing. It's a bit of a funny looking design but it's absolutely amazing at teaching you how to use your body to control your golf swing.

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Ronald Morris says:

How we look seems more important than how effective it is. I have this aid. I find it helpful whenever I start to sense that my swing is disconnected. However, I've never taken it to the driving range. Telling.

Clothos says:

never tried it, but i know that it is a great swing aid, cumbersome or not, ive always struggled with my arms outracing my turn, ive played my best golf when ive trusted my turn to hit the ball as far as i want

The Golf Swing Shirt says:

Thank you Dan for a great and fair review !!!! Cheers, Ray Rap, Inventor -Owner of The Golf Swing Shirt Company

Keith Hassall says:

David Leadbetter Swing Link. Same function?

Scott Latuszek says:

I have a suggestion for the next training aid. Take a look at the Tour Striker Impact Strap

Mark The Golf Addict says:

Neat tool but you look like you have alligator arms lol

Fergz says:

dan, training aids are so diversive. whats the best aid out there?

Paul Pinard says:

Thanks Dan for your review of the swing shirt. I always like your training aid reviews because you give a very honest opinion. I look forward to more reviews like this on training aids. Also have you ever thought of doing any golf club reviews. I would enjoy hearing your opinions in this area also.

Mitch says:

this is an amazing aid for pitching.

ig rand says:

Maybe they could shorten the sleeve

Marc Tebo says:

Was I the only one that had a nice chuckle watching him wrestle with that thing?

Mitchell Blades says:

couldnt help but laugh dan haha you look like something out a nut house :L

jpugolf says:

If it improves my golf ..I'd wear it.

Joe Perez says:

I have the original orange version. Did you say it makes you "a LITTLE bit silly?" 😉 I fished it out of my training aid duffel bag a month ago, waiting for better weather to practice with it.

jeff berger says:

Can’t see wearing this on a 100 degree summer day !

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