Chris Broussard’s X-Factors for Warriors – Rockets Game 7 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss Game 7 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Chris Broussard reveals who is the most valuable player for the Warriors in Game 7 and the key to defeating James Harden and the Rockets. Will the Rockets upset the Warriors tonight?

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Chris Broussard's X-Factors for Warriors – Rockets Game 7 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

Who is the most important player for Golden State?

Miguel Lima says:

when you have two mvp, and your mvp is klay, and pople say steph pg goat and KD is better than lebron? please

Darth Vader says:

I'm pretty sure Klay is the most criminally under-appreciated player in the NBA

luxan kandiah says:

She wants joys job lookin like a snack

Josh V. says:

Curry showed up last year in the Finals ! Averaged 26.8pts , 8 Rebs, and 9.4 assist in 37 minutes! Last time I checked that's nearly a triple double averaging 7 minutes less a game then LeBron did when he averaged his triple double. Also That's with Curry having to share the ball with KD & Klay

Rene Punzalan says:

Chris Broussard is dead on, the Warriors play better and more deadly when the play goes through Steph!!!

Kary Cameron says:

Why everybody talking about Klay Defense on James Harden when they kept switching Steph, Looney and Bell on him, WTF yall talking about Klay is resting on Defense SMH please stop it.

Josh Laure says:

3:40 MILF alert….

kalicushbomb says:

Speaking of joyless where is joy?

Henry Aguilar says:

How is Skip still on this show. He is clueless.

Blax Bently says:

I love joy and she's cute n all but this lady right here!!!! Oh lawd she kno she fine

tiger22 says:

I see the case on Klay because he has to do it on both ends of the court.

denharo francis says:

curry proved you all wrong once again…curry is the reason warriors won last night…he hit some big shots in the third to tie up the game

Shea Billadeau says:

Wish they also reported how many passes Cleveland, Boston, or Rockets had. That is an interesting number to compare teams by.

Louis Williams says:

The Warriors starters had bad +/- and were still only down by 5. The analytics only account for so much!

Tony Olise says:

Lebron is no best… yea, the celtics team is good, LeBron played through their inexperience… He got whatever he wants with them… When faced with western teams, Lebron become fixated… The team that has played LeBron well was Indiana… He hardly could get everything he wishes in that series despite the fact that they had no player to guard him

Carlos 3927 says:

DAMN Chris . You hit the nail in the head . Curry saved the game 7 with his 3rd quarter explosion . He was the best and most important player of game 7 . You killed Shannon and skip on this one .

Phil The Great says:

And again. It was Klay Thompson!!!!

Shazamm The iPad Producer says:

CPEE3 is always injured he never finish a season healthy. He did this to the Clippers every damn year. Glad his gone giving someone else false hope

Blue&Orange says:

“Hey folks that’s my girlfriend “ Manti Te'o
By the way the 4:00 mark till about 10 seconds is hilarious, Shannon you a fule!


They needa stop judging Curry by his 3 point percentage. That’s just 1 part of the game. Skip sounded so stupid when he said Curry was horrible despite going 6-13 (Really 6-11 when u take away the far throw ups at the buzzer). Plenty games where other greats go like 0-5 from the 3 but their big productive games don’t get discredited the way they do Curry.

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