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CLEVELAND LAUNCHER HB IRONS reviewed and tested by PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark hit's the HiBore irons from Cleveland golf and talks about feel, performance and who might get the most from this kind of golf club. Testing these golf clubs on and off the golf course to try to show you how playing golf is as important as just hitting long balls.

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Clive Brooker says:

Does anyone remember the MacGregor M455 V-Foil? The f-ugliest club ever made, the kind of club you wanted to put a paper bag over its head before you hit it. But it was sooo easy to hit, annoyingly easy to hit, annoying because to hit it you had to look down on the club and then you would get upset and resent how good a shot you hit from such a hideous looking club And they were forged!
I think I've still got a set in the garage – hold on, I'm just off down the range…

Marc Layman says:

Mark, where is the Cleveland CBX iron review???

Kenny McHardy says:

Similar idea to Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi's

Peter Jones says:

Mark crossfield when you look down at the face of the irons they look a bit like the old type chunky callaway big bertha irons

brian davies says:

I like em. If they will cut my scores then I will play them. Couldn't care less about looks. good looking irons don't make you play any better. I would have the 5 through to 9 but keep my own wedges. which just happen to be Cleveland anyway.

Alan Waterworth says:

Boy are those UGLY!! :O but, the numbers.. I guess you just close your eyes and swing?

SuperJupiter33 says:

#nothankyou… 85 % of the clubs put out are game improvement ,technology ,materials ect.

Steve Weber says:

Just now ordered a set of these. My future game rests on your recommendation Mark old boy!! We'll soon see if you know of what you speak.

Thomas Miller says:

Would love to see a review of the Mizuno MP-18 line and the new CLKs

MrKydaman says:

"Ooaah couldn't use them!"
Just too damn chunky. Well that and I've never liked hybrids.

Steven Dixon says:

Interesting Mark, so when you were saying the other day about you hitting your blades and we have all bought into this game improvement irons but are they "really" helping? You have gone back to the "game improver"

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

much like the old Adams A12OS or Tech V4's. Loved those irons.

Ashley Bennett says:

My Benross Max Speed 6, 5 and 4 irons look almost identical to these. Very easy to hit!

Luis Ramirez says:

Surprised by the spin you got in the 5 and 7, not so much in the wedge.

Cohen177 says:

adams built those, now they dont build anything .. people arent ready for this ..

BjørnPing Gmax says:

Love the video! "Legal cheating." ? How are they compared with ping g-max?

jefkve says:

Curious what course this is Mark….do tell.

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