Easy Way To Strike Your Irons Solid | Learn from Collin Morikawa

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John Chirlin says:

I just came across this video. I took it to the driving range and immediately started hitting my irons better than I've hit them all year. I also was hitting them more consistently and longer. Thanks so much Peter!

The Berkshire Caddie says:

A buttery fade! Oh my word, I am in love.

Bronald says:

3:07 how short of an iron do I need if I am 1.73 meters tall, I cut about 35 centimeters off the shaft, is that about right?

Daniel Boon says:

Goodness, this looks like a gauranteed way to start hitting beeeeg slices.

Jack Mehoff says:

Nice, will give this a try soon.. I'm just worried about the bent wrist and my fat shots lol

george hogle says:

Do you mean you are going to aim your clubface at the field of white vertical sticks out there, all fourteen of them? I'm asking for someone else.

Vernon Douglas says:

I love this tip, I started hitting my irons better right away. How many clubs in the bag does this work for?

Aksel Hetland says:

Using jumbomax grips now?

Simon Christian says:

Dodgy video for slicers🙈

K B says:

Can you please do a similar video based on Rors driver swing

Ryan says:

Great, straightforward video. Cheers Pete.

estefan theron says:

can i apply this to a draw

stuart rawlings says:

another pearl of wisdom

Paul Dodd says:

Top video Peter, my coach is waiting me to swing more to the right (left handed) and this will give me a great visual for that 👍

Rok Štern says:

Pete, love your videos, but this one is gonna make a whole lot of slicers a whole lot worse 🙂

Green & Gold 🔰 says:

Can we all just agree that colin has the best swing we’ve ever seen😍 I’ve been saying it for over a year now

Luis Felipe Gómez de Mariaca says:

Slicers, do not try this technique…. To many technical requirements that need to be STRICTLY and CORRRECTLY complied with or you will slice it more…

jeff bates says:

Pete great video. Great instruction

Phillip Ismay says:

Pete, why is the Fade easier? Or give you better ball striking? Not sure I understood why we should be setting up an Fading irons…thnks mate, sorry if I missed the point. Cheers

Raymond Downie says:

Why have your video editors gone crazy for captions? What is the point @ 1:14?

Still love your channel just not all the flashing text while you're trying to give swing tips.

Paul H says:

I'm 56 my brother is 64. The two of us used to take the game very seriously. We stopped giving a damn about 20 years ago. We played today and had a wonderful time. Both of us were rooting for each other.
At our advanced age the conversations had nothing to do with golf. For three holes we discussed where alligators go during winter. Another topic was chicken- If they have 2 wings and one liver, shouldn't wings be twice the cost of liver? It was a beautiful day on the Gulf Coast and I spent the afternoon drinking beer and joking around with my favorite person in the whole world.
This afternoon (and Sandra Bullocks ass) are proof that God exists.

Zac Buwalda says:

I strive to become a serial flusher.

Tim says:

The best drill I have found this year for striking the ball before the ground is putting a coin or plastic ball marker 2-4 inches behind your ball and making sure you don’t hit it. Start with it maybe 4 inches away and move it closer as you get better at it. It ensures you hit the ball first.

Thomas McCauley says:

I notice that sometimes Morikawa misses badly to the left so it appears you need to be somewhat careful with this approach especially when the ball is above your feet.

Mark Bailey says:

Good tips Pete 🏌️‍♂️⛳👍

Johan Lategan says:

i thaught that swinging out is better… not over the top and steep

Brian Kelly says:

Pete love your videos but it's a bit odd getting a message from someone claiming to be you with a phone number to call if you want to know about crypto currency,just thought you should know

steven sprigings says:

So Peter once you’ve mastered this with some short irons, would the same approach also work on long irons and driver??
Great demonstration.
I was at the open and chose other golfers to follow(big mistake wish I’d studied his swing more whilst there instead of being caught in the Bryson grip or and rip it entourage). Still no regrets👍

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