F1 Reacts: Ayrton Senna's Greatest Moments

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Drivers, journalists and everyone in between sit down to watch some of Ayrton Senna's most memorable feats in Formula 1.

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Miguel Alvarado says:

The G.O.A.T

Guilherme Mendonça Pereira says:

In Brazil, Senna is a legend. But I imagine that because we are Brazilian too, this might sound biased. But seeing so many comments from people of many different nationalities reaffirming how fantastic Senna was, I feel very proud of this whole story. I grew up in love with Formula 1 thanks to Senna. Will never be forgotten.

Gyula Borhy says:

Great video!!Thank You!



Florin Mihai Cristea says:

Senna die like a ca.pions. s humacber…like a hiena.

jrmbrasil. says:

Por favor coloquem legendas em português.nem todo mundo sabe inglês.obrigado.

je coelhos says:

Ayrton the best

No Name says:

A truly great loss, Senna transcends the sport of F1

Bas Kaandorp says:

Max : He is finding the grip
Max 2016 Brasil : let me do a Senna

RA King Ears says:

No surprise max thinks he did nothing wrong lol really

Du pai e Du filho says:

Como homenageado pela música da saudosa Tina Turner por ela mesma: (You're Simple ) The Best

Abhinav Krishna K.B. says:

0:19 famous race in Brazil😭😭😭

Maurício Senna says:

Somente pilotos deveriam ter comentado as cenas desse vídeo, seria mais interessante e emocionante.

Hudson Danilo says:

O melhor de todos ❤

Puji Pamungkas says:

Everytime he drove are greatness

jamiejosh says:

Yes max you go quicker with the technology, not the ability of drivers

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