Golf Challenge at The Open venue 2019 Royal Portrush

This week the Average Golfer takes a trip to the Home of The Open Championship 2019 , yes its Royal Portrush.

The golf challenge is set 3 golf holes will be played and see who is the winner, Man or Golf

25 thoughts on “Golf Challenge at The Open venue 2019 Royal Portrush

  1. love the par on the last hole… is amazing….you have a wonderful game, sir….good contact, good address of the ball….understanding of the links style golf……I love golf and I play fair……My father was a scratch golfer and loved wagering with his golf friends…..Next weekend all eyes on Norther Ireland for the Open….jeff

  2. Was a member there years ago. If the wind blows and the rough is high….it will wreck havoc with those big egos. Need to be humble out there

  3. Lovely to see this. So excited about the open with all the background and history and now uniqueness and beauty of royal portrush. Makes me recall all the fun and enjoyment I have had over the years – especially in Scotland- playing links golf which is my distinct preference. Looking forward to seeing how the top golfers exercise their imagination and adjust to the changing and stunning weather pattern and continuous changes.

  4. loved this video , course looked great as it was in technicolour not black and white like your disgraceful Aberdovey video and also i liked the wind as couldn't hear your scouse tones , you just need to stop doing those scary crouching close up shots now that look like your about to have a crap and your videos will be perfect

  5. Great chip-in……12:3013:55….great way to end the video, the music and the beauty of Royal Portrush……………I know watching this is as close as I'll ever be to it. You were a lucky guy…..

  6. A wonderful reminder of just how pure Irish links golf is, and Portrush is among the very best. Got to play there three times with my brother and friends, but not during the last 10 years. We'll be in Clare enjoying the Irish two weeks before the '19 Open; Lahinch should be a good prep for the top players. Cheers, Andy. Keep up your very enjoyable efforts! Thank you.

  7. Once again, another great video Andy.

    I had the pleasure of playing Royal Portrush on Friday 10th August. Parred the 5th and 8th, but made a total mess of par 5 7th after a perfect drive.

    But hey, that’s golf!!!

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