Golf: Is this your key to rotating more?

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22 thoughts on “Golf: Is this your key to rotating more?

  1. The best teacher i have seen is DrKrongolf he started making video month ago he is physical professor he not start playing golf to he was 40 years old now he teaches the natural motion not speed but everyone i seen go to him for video gained 10 mph club head speed.Even LPGA player gained 10 mph its best i have ever seen.I do this move natural cause i busted wood all day for people for 40 dollars just to out drive everyone i not been outdrived

  2. science keep the left arm straight an more around distance is were speed comes from why long drivers now like 6.3 the longer the swing more the speed NEWTON law

  3. I really love this training aid. One of the best for me as it opens up my shoulders nicely. Great for getting better external rotation of the shoulder and also helps me with keeping the lead arm straight and gives me a good feel of how much space is required between my arms. Also super for making small chip shots with a club and ball. I even tried it for putting.

  4. Primary design was for shoulder rotator cuff rehab and mobility. For golf, it teaches the user a starting point for proper posture, the entire rotation from backswing to impact. Then hit with a club with muscle memory learned from using the aid. Most instructors can’t convey what this tool teaches.

    There no quick fixes, but you can never get there if you never feel what it is you are to be doing. Just carry the damn thing.

    Your swing is not so perfect technically.

  5. Right after studying these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) and exercising the drills as I study, I went out and also shot a seventy three. I also managed to hit 13-18 greens and that was the greatest one I had ever since I began playing. I also almost hit the green with a range of Five to 10 yards on the other Five holes. My handicap is a nine so I do not sho ot 73s all the time. When I think about it, I haven’t had a superb round for a long time.

  6. I bought one and at first I had no idea how to use the aid, there was no instructions sent with the devise, so I had to came back and re review your video.

  7. I can’t find this thing anywhere. I use the impact ball sometimes. I have struggled with impact for years. Took some lessons in Chicago and found a good coach. Game is improving but have the hook issue now. Trying to fix my too in to out path

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