(Golf Swing Drills) How to Shallow the Club & Hit Longer Drives!

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(Golf Swing Drills) How to Shallow the Club & Hit Longer Drives!

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25 thoughts on “(Golf Swing Drills) How to Shallow the Club & Hit Longer Drives!

  1. I love videos that you do that are something I never seen before elsewhere. It’s all about the finer golf swing tweaks that are so helpful. Thanks mate. I’ll give his one a go

  2. Hi Adam, is iT correct that you put your right elbow againt your chest wall at the downswing when shallowing?
    Thanks for your answer, have a good dat, greetings Henk

  3. I've never tried swallowing my clubs ever. I hit almost every ball 250 plus yards everytime with a draw with my driver. Will swallowing my swing increase my distance and straighten it out?

  4. Who r not tuned to shallow hits keep on maintaining your unique and own SWINGS, no need to adopt the stance after watching every YouTube bullshit.???

  5. The bit I liked best was the follow through, saying you’ve got to release the club, I found this dramatically changed my driving last week, admittedly downhill, and there was a following brisk wind, but nearly drove 16 green at East Devon GC, UK, 392 yards, drove 18 green similar downhill and wind, shorter at 329 yards slight mishit off toe as not wearing glove, close to an eagle. PS I’m 68.

  6. I drive 50 yards more by doing this! but I have to do the practice swing to understand the full motion first, and releasing the club on the right spot .

  7. This is a terrible video because you absolutely, utterly fail to say and show what you are doing with your right, upper arm and your right elbow. If you would just take a back-swing, pause, and let an assistant stick a sausage shaped balloon under your right armpit and set it so the balloon runs down the seam of your golf shirt, you'd be on your way to a coherent demonstration. Adam, you know darn well your right, upper arm would compress that balloon – you might even explode it. That would be a camera shot & a demo students would remember.
    My demonstration shows the fundamental move of the flattening plane change that is the essence of the downswing. Your towel drill is OK, but who's going to hit a golf ball on his knees? If you don't like the balloon, use an empty, plastic water bottle. That way, your YouTube audience would hear some of what your right, upper arm does. I'd go so far as to bulge a few balloons and crinkle a few, empty, plastic bottles. You could also glue a nerf ball to your golf shirt to the exact position that the right elbow should drop toward on the back swing. That's the kind of info a duffer needs to know & he'll only learn it if he sees it in bold face.

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