This video discusses golf swing tip how to perfect your right elbow move in the downswing. The right elbow is a really important part of the golf swing which helps golfers stop swinging over the top, hold onto lag in the golf swing for power and will just improve your game in every aspect.

This video discusses a basic golf swing tip for the perfect start to the downswing. The transition is the most important part of the golf swing and without getting the sequence right then your never going to find consistency in your game. So watch this video on this simple belt buckle move and start improving your golf.

Hip rotation is a part of the golf swing which can make a huge difference to every golfer and understanding how to turn and use your hips will help you become a better and more powerful golfer.

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Golfers always want to know how to hit the golf further and how to play better golf, often searching for swing trainers, swing training aids or even looking for simple golf tips in hope they will make a huge difference to your golf game and help you break 100, 90, 80 or so on.

This video will show you in slow motion exactly what you need to do and show slow motion examples of the movements you need to achieve to have a successful golf swing.

Are you wondering how to swing the golf club on plane, how to create a simple golf swing, how to create more club head speed in your golf swing, how to hit the driver then this channel will explain all the common questions posed by amateur golfers from all over the world as I am truly trying to help golfers improve their games and get a good idea of how to swing the golf club.

As ever all of these points are applicable for senior, lady and junior golfer all alike and would also suggest all this content should be absorbed by beginner golfers too.

All golfers need to understand regardless of their type of swing or desired outcome rotation needs to exist and this video will teach you the benefits but all how to rotate the upper and lower body in the golf swing.

This video discusses how the right elbow and the right shoulder should move in the golf swing in detail so you know how to make the best changes to your game.

I also discuss one of the biggest problems with amateur golfers which is an over the top move which is caused by a right shoulder and elbow move not a over rotational movement.

Many golfers struggle with hip rotation, backswing positions and hip extensions. This video just goes over the problems many golfers face and the best thing for them to do to improve their golf swings.


  1. While what you suggest is certainly one way to hit the golf ball, it's also one way to spray the golf ball all over the course. If you stop the video at 3:10 and examine the shaft angle and where it is pointing, you'll see it is as off plane as humanly possible and the club face is in super rotation mode which will always require perfect timing to come through the impact zone in a relatively acceptable mode. Sergio and several other world-class players have adopted this method but if you want to play from the fairway, it is much better to make sure the shaft is more on plane…than less. You might want to watch this: It really does work very well.

  2. Excellent instruction , always concentrating on the most important aspects of making the best impact with clubhead and ball, with the best chance of a solid and straight shot and explained in the easiest way to follow. Tk's Russell.

  3. Love your style of instruction. I improved my hitting the ball on the range (more related to previous vid) so much now. I also found another weakness with my right elbow and forearm there after which you talked about now in this vid. So it turns out I have a very much over the top back swing and need to adjust it accordingly and still not be too far away from the ball. Tough but when I do it, it works spectacular for me. I wish every golf person could impart the knowledge as well as you do. Also working on getting my swing sent into you soon. But every single vid so far from you is SPOT on. I plan to watch every single one. I am about 6-7 in now. You really have a gift to teach……really.

  4. Took this tip to the course yesterday, hit a bucket of balls before going out. Struck the ball like never before…..wonder how long this brilliant tip will keep working before the magic wears off! Thank you Russell.

  5. Thanks for the explanation, particularly on the release at this point in the video! . I've watched countless videos that discuss shallowing and driving the elbow in, but the right forearm "upward facing" and squaring with the "left forearm" has never been explained as clearly as you just did. I've been lost as to how to square things up and this finally explained things nicely. Thank you!

  6. Great video Russell, thanks for that. I wondered what your thoughts are on the use of an impact bag as a training aid. I guess you are not a fan as I have not seen one as yet in yoyr video's?

  7. This video is awesome! It took the skill onto the course and worked right away. Do you have a video on the through swing (rotation) after the ball striking?

  8. I have been leading with the right elbow in the downswing to create lag but unfortunately still flipping. I have strong forearms due to the work I do and when my timing is good I can smash it. However the consistency is not there and when the timing of the release is not there, anything can happen. I watched your video Russel and was interested in your view of the left forearm rotating in the last part of the downswing to square up the clubface. I always tried releasing my hands at point of impact to square up the clubface with some success if my timing wad good. I never really compressed the ball. Just muscled it. I just came back from the park with my 9 iron and a few balls after trying rotation of my left forearm to square up the club face and keep my wrists quieter at impact. BINGO. I just naturally stopped flipping, the ball flight was lower, more powerful and consistent. I finally felt what it was like to compress the ball with an iron. The club was doing all the work, I was just guiding it to the ball. Great sensation. Thanks for the tip and I can't wait to try this with my other clubs at the driving range.

  9. Wow this is exactly how I solved my flipping release problem! There’s absolutely NO way to flip once your right elbow gets in front of the right hip. On practice swings it is amazing, but with a ball in the way obviously it’s more difficult to execute since old habits tend to come back, but video still show a good improvement.

  10. Russell, any tips for the player that just cant "feel" the right elbow driving in front of the hip? I tend feel my entire right side engaging. Thanks

  11. In order to get your right elbow in the position that he says is that you have to turn you hips back to the left. Your arms will
    fall into place where you right elbow will be against you right side. This same movement is in Ben Hogan's book where he
    demonstrates where the right arm is positioned. If anyone noticed he never hit a shot. He never showed how to setup
    to the ball and he never demonstrated the back swing or the down swing. If you ever take a lesson from a guy
    who talks all the way through a lesson give him your money and never take a lesson again. If you want to see your arms
    drop into position get a full length mirror and practice your back swing and start the down swing with the hips turning
    back to the left you will see your arm drop. It's a natural move. I wouldn't take a lesson from this guy. He has no clue what
    he's talking about.

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