Golf Training Aids Actually Worth Using

3 Golf Training Aids to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Have you ever invested in a golf training aid only to have it collect dust in the corner of your garage? Have you ever purchased a device that promised to fix your biggest problem, only to wind up feeling like you were taken in by a good sales pitch?

The golf industry is saturated with literally thousands of training aids, and it can feel almost impossible to separate the gimmicks from the game-changers.

That’s why I want to give you a leg-up by sharing three products that consistently help my students play better golf. As a PGA Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction for USGolfTV and the Sanford POWER Golf Academy, it’s my job to evaluate the effectiveness of a training tool. I can’t afford to waste my students’ time on a product that doesn’t immediately prove beneficial to their practice.

I’m going to tell you about three training aids for:
Full swing
All aspects of your golf game

I use every one of these tools with my students. I have seen these products help promising golfers become strong golfers, and strong golfers become outstanding golfers.

11 thoughts on “Golf Training Aids Actually Worth Using

  1. Tour Striker Power Impact Pro for in the house. I have the 2.0 version which I believe is aluminium.  There are many different uses for this to help get the feel of a good golf swing as Martin shows this in the video.

    Saber Golf Trainer. This is good for around the house as well for when I can't make it to the range or for our long winters. I am using the lighter shorter 1.5 version for in the house as it feels more like a 7 or 8 iron. I like using it for drills like having my right foot back toe down and heel up, or the feet together drill. It has a metal ball inside to help with timing, it is square to help with club face, and one end is heavy and the other is light.

  2. I found a PING golf ball 15 years ago that was half white and half gray. Wonder if it was meant to be a training ball? ? Dave Pelz sells balls with red circles on them. Calls the "o Balls," I think. There's also something called "Putter Wheel," which looks like a golf ball with the sides lopped off, that will show wobble, and even tip over if struck properly.

    Full swing: Orange Whip.
    Putting: Puttout.

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