This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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  1. Simply not true at all!!!! Don’t be fooled by bad instruction and information. No one is pulling their left hip back to start the downswing. Does it happen? Yes! Are they trying to pull it back? Absolutely not!! The hip rotation is a by product of how the club comes down

  2. I watched this when you first uploaded it and was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t understand the concept you described. Came back to it today and it clicked instantly. I feel like I finally understand the movement that has eluded me for a decade. Time to go to the range! Thank you!

  3. Great explanation; I would add really helpful for me (per Faldo) is to feel the tension in quads at address, weight “alive” on balls of feet and the feel of pulling right hip back so am rotating around my spine and feel I am sitting on my right hip/thigh lastly a 3/4 backswing as I am terrible at over rotating and nothing good happens then………. Those are my feels. Ps am a 9 handicap

  4. I have taken so many lessons and tried everything to eliminate early extension, this was the the video and help that helped my finally eliminate this. Although everyone says try to keep your tush aligned to the line no one has ever given the tip to try and purposefully keep the hip back when starting the downswing. That tip has accelerated my swing to the next level finally!

  5. This is what I have been missing in my understanding of the down swing! I have been trying to properly shallow the club and get the trail elbow in the correct position. This hip movement done correctly takes care of all of that. Thank you very much!

  6. I didn't fully understand this video but went out and played a round trying to get that hip feeling on the backswing. To be honest I still don't understand why it works but my shots were longer and straighter. Played my usual club on our first hole (par 3 ) and went 20yds past the green. It worked for the entire round and I came in with 39 points. It worked best with the driver, pulled a few left a little but absolutely zero fade. I'm playing off 12.

  7. After years of frustration I have just recently come to understand the relevance of truly loading the right hip for the purpose of being able to initiate an effective transition. Bravo to you and your great lessons. Pullo

  8. this is so perfect. have to practice and spend the sweat equity in doing this. Hips are so important. i think it is the one thing to master and everything else will come together

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