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  1. It all seems no better than arbitrary and detrimental to progress.
    A better standard would be tested best inertia, with each club, for a standard golf ball.
    The fitted clubs would exactly hit that inertia.

  2. I am changing shafts from Dynamic Gold S300 XP to Dynamic Gold S300 105’s on my JPX800 Pro Forged Irons. I just did only the 7 iron. When removing the OEM shaft on the club there was a 4gm tip weight. I installed the weight in the new shaft. So all total the new club weighs 424 gm. The original setup weighed 433 gm. So I was looking to provide a lighter shaft but with a bit more consistency as I’m 70 yr old. I hit my 7 iron ~ 150 yards carry prior to the change. I recently went for a fitting that suggested JPX921 Hot Metal irons with the DG S300 105 shafts so I thought they would work for my irons due to similar head weights etc.What’s your input on this change? I will be testing live on course soon before making any other changes to my set.

  3. I have found conflicting info on swing weight and grip weight. I have read +4g grams in grip weight decrease 1 swing weight point. I also read +5 g and +10g changes 1 swing weight point. I'm going with your +4 g suggestion.

  4. Jim I’m new to club repair . Have done all my own for sometime now. Have I made mistakes along the way? You bet I have. That’s how you learn. I’ve enjoyed the search for better techniques and I must say you have delivered on that front. When weighting out a club you’re essentially setting it up for what ever swing weight the customer is asking for.
    Thanks Jim.!

  5. Me being a tinkerer and new to alot of this, not golf but this part of golf, with no proper fitters around and a couple spare putter lying about that i'm going to regrip, if i wanted to up the swing weight for a putter, would i be better off using powder in the shaft or tape on the head itself? Slight arc stroke, 33" putter. Old ping zing putterhead.

  6. On another subject.. how to reshaft a ping g700 iron..taped shoulder ferrules… bought a couples sets none seem to fit right..too tight in the iron head won't allow entrance

  7. Question for you kind Sir: What would you say the average swing weight is on the PGA tour when it comes to wedges? More specifically, Pros using a dynamic gold tour issue s400/ 132g shaft? And lastly what do you think the highest playable swing weight is for a wedge with an s400? Thx

  8. Plz let me know when building a set of irons. The relation after-
    1, Frequency Match (desired stiffness)
    2, Swing Weight measured & adjusted (desired feel)
    3, END result of total weight of CLUB……..???????
    ** What effect will the END total weight of club contribute***

  9. im a ole timer i use a wrap of lead tape under my grips an i out drive everyone i ever played with cause it helps me release the club better

  10. i always seen in my swing light weight i hook the ball an heavy i slice the ball so weird just weight change the swing so much.i just got standard golf works scale its cheap an works fine for the weekend worrior loves to tinker

  11. jim, this video is a bit old, however, I found that I really like MCA C6 Black iron-hybrid shafts. They are a bit light at 80 grams so i need to add weight to iron heads. I like the Golfworks TS-1 head but they lack of a weight port is a problem as the ID of the top of the C6 shaft is pretty small, too small for graphite shaft tip weights. While I can add lead tape to the heads, that is not aesthetically ideal. Do you have any other thoughts on how to increase the SW with this head/shaft combo?
    Bob from Logansport.

  12. Hello. You never showed the way you build a club with swing weight. For example, saying we are trying to get this club to D1. Then putting in a 4gram tip weight, put club head on dry and then grip on butt end and weighing it. I was looking for the way to get swing weight before having to glue it.

  13. Excellent video, I would like to try a spare Accra i90 graphite shaft into a old tour edge iron head which had a s300 dynamic gold in it. The i90 accra has been pulled so is already ready.
    Haven't tested it to see if its parallel or taper. I think the s300 were taper.

  14. Your volume was very low on this video as compared to the others you do. Great information none the less. I've learned so much from you. My hat is off to you sir.

  15. If I were to cut down my shaft 5/8 inch on my irons cause they are .25" over standard length and way too long, could I add tungsten powder down the shaft and cork it? If I have titleist blades will this affect the club heads sweet spot or anything like that? They are at D3 right now and I like that weight but I have to choke down almost an inch on the grip every time cause I am only 5'7. I believe they will be at C9 or so after the cut. Combined with a lighter grip and some tungsten powder is this feasible?

    Thanks, I really like your videos!

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