Inside The Open – Celebrating with the Champion in Dublin

— We take you closer to The Open with our daily behind-the-scenes show as Shane Lowry wins his maiden major at Portrush —

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30 thoughts on “Inside The Open – Celebrating with the Champion in Dublin

  1. Note to the R&A, please never return here. You may as well go to Wales next, ffs? Stick with what we have. Please. I have attended the last 37 Opens and this was the worst I have ever been to! Royal Lytham and Royal Birkdale are the best in my opinion.

  2. See Shane and Tommy are just normal lads who happen to be really good at something which happens to be golf. No massive entourage, no hysterical behaviour just down to earth lads who like a pint with their mates. Well done Shane lad you were superb over the 4 days and have done Ireland proud. Hard luck Tommy but you'll get there…

  3. Top video. No yank spewing shite in the backround. Just a real glimpse into what it's actually like on the day. Like Euronews No Comment. That scene with the tricolours was class.

  4. He must be delighted to be back in civilisation away from the Catholic-burning and Irish flag-burning territory in the full throes of it's sectarian marching season. 🙂

  5. Congratulations Shane Lowry. I couldn't help but laugh at the guy who said "Shane, Paddy's here" ? ?
    I'm sure Shane heard that a lot that night ???

  6. Amazing video. Great to see the whirlwind that surrounds them following the win and everything they have to commit to post tournament before they can go enjoy the win with friends and family. Couldn't have asked for a better and more humble champion. He was trying to fight back that grin since the end of round 3 to no avail. Great to see him taking it all in and savoring the moments. This was great for the game of golf!

  7. This victory and Seves 84 are my all time favourites because of the great fun watching the player “everyone” wanted to win.
    Great laugh

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