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SearchBucket2 says:

Immediate abort and dislike.
Your title was very misleading. Instead of Jordan Speith we get someone who seems to think he merits the Roger Federer treatment?
No one knows how Speith putts.. Whilst his connections and mechanics may be look visible the neurology that moves his putter is not on show. For instance, he might putt with his right hand even though it's above his left? Any attempt to second guess it is pure bs.

Andrew Chandler says:

This works pretty well on longer putts. The only issue is when the putts have major huge breaks, no.

e james says:

ok. Next time I'm in my car I'm gonna drive down the road looking out the passenger side window…..

Michael Owens says:

I play with someone who has been using this technique since before JS was even thought of.
Spieth didn't invent it, contrary to what many think.
I've tried it but don't feel comfortable.

Oliver Queen says:

This is glorious, I've been looking for "golf instruction books" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

ron anthony says:

At 3 to 4 feet, you can look at the hole and still see the ball in you peripheral vision. You don't explain what Jordan is actually doing. Is he focusing on the hole to the exclusion of seeing the ball, or both. Let us know and maybe we can actually take advantage of Speth's putting innovation.

DocDLH says:

This works GREAT for putts under 6 feet (and sometimes up to 10 feet). For breaking putts, it's best to keep this technique for under 4 to 5 feet as the speed of the putt can affect how much the putt breaks. It also may depend on the type of putter you have. For relatively heavy putters, that don't twist off line for strikes that are off center, this works well. The main reason is that while focusing on the target line, you don't tend to jerk the putter back or "yip" AND by consciously moving the putter directly along your eyeliner at your target, the putter face stays square to the target. I've also found, for me, that for putts of up to even 15 feet on fast greens, it has helped me with at least practicing pace of the putt. It takes A LOT of practice to get used to this technique for anything over 5 feet but for the short putts, it works great if you can keep your concentration and stay comfortable with the stroke.

Vyro says:

I know you say look at the target like throwing a ball but putting is not like throwing a ball, it'd be like hitting a baseball to left field. You don't look at left field instead of the ball?

Jamie Wahl says:

3-4 footers are gimmes

nysm designs says:

As a junior golfer, I adopted this about 7 months ago… I had a lot of struggle putting. I worked on my stroke a lot, and now from about 3 foot and in I stare at the hole. It works for me, and have been able to make more 3 footers. If you want to try and adopt this method you have to have a good muscle memory putting stroke. The alignment is key. Then just straight back and follow through to the hole it's really simple and works for me 🙂 <3

The Everyday Golfer TV says:

Came across this video today and I've used this technique for two years even on long putts! It's made my distance control twice as good and was told I was putting wrong and should never do this but for me it works as Rick says needs time and practise but for me it takes two things out 1. Tension and nerves allows a smooth stroke 2. Any indecisions

Stephen R Stanfield says:

I have been doing this for over a year. And I have increased the distance to about 8 feet and do it on breaking putts as well as straight putts. My putting has improved greatly.

naplesalarm says:

the forward press is where i start my putts ,i want to feel like my left wrist arm and putter are all in line and hold it there thruout the putt so you really dont have to forward press just set up with the press in place , im making short putts again ,,left hand high lol

Peter Baader says:

I use the same technique also for longer putts and it works very well. The ratio behind this is that all motion throwing an object at a given target makes the thrower look at the target and not at the object he is about to throw.

billy bob says:

For 5-7 foot putts, i sort of do the same thing. I just look at the halfway point between the hole and the ball. I've done this for years, since my dad taught me golf. Thought I was the only one that did it!

Adey Yemm says:

iv youed this on my putting this year and had mixed results .

hawaiidispenser says:

2:20 But on the other hand, in baseball, cricket and tennis, the hitter is keeping his eye on the ball (or at least the spot of anticipated contact) and not on the target he's directing the ball toward.

Michael Parkman says:

I have had some success using this method of putting and first tried it after reading Harvey Penick's "Little Red Book".   I used this for all puts except puts shorter than say 3 feet.  '

Corby Ross says:

Spieth has put on a few lbs

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