José Maria Olazábal Emotional Interview After Europe Win 2012 Ryder Cup

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Danny Me says:

Lets go Europe its time again to pull together and do it for Seve

Ian Murphy says:

Jose you are a true man dedicating your win to your best friend seve . 

Propjoe10 says:

My favourite golfer. What a great guy, a gentleman on and off the course.

sunnymarky says:

Seve’s spirit in European golf lives on always

10Duser says:

Thanks for uploading. Grew up watching José & Seve being that remarkable
‘Spanish pair’, part of ‘Team Europe’ that you knew could always be relied
upon. You believe José 100% when he says this is #1 on his list of
achievements. The Ryder Cup meant so much to Seve, and José did him and
Europe proud. Eclipses (& buries) the events of 1999 by so much. Thank you
José, and RIP Seve.

Minkki82 says:

really beautiful and sad. And mr. Olazabal you could’ve said this one’s for
you like you were going to. Seve made the ryder cup what it is today.

ukstevey says:

right in the feels – 1 week to go till the next 1 !

solo26sky says:

the Ryder Cup unique… It’s the 1 time where all of Europe leaves its in
house “Bitchy Fighting” and “Political Backstabbing” to one side… and you
feel like for just 4 days you really are part of something Special… and
whether you win or lose, your all in it together..
least that’s how I feel..

Conor Boden says:

“I had a few thoughts for my friend Seve, and this one’s for him”

tatchy1001 says:

The Americans are only good at support when they are winning. I was working
for Callaway and was in the American headquarters during the 2004 Cip and
they were very loud the first day and when it became obvious they were
going to lose they all lost interest and stopped watching, no class at all

Fdwiey blkrat says:


Victor Burga says:

I thought the exact same thing. Many people would likely roll their eyes at
that response “yeah right” but I certainly believe it. It certainly felt
like a “my life is complete” moment. Pure brilliance today.

jacob björkman says:

Golf is more than just a game, it is a passion and something that a lot of
people put their lives in. and to se the emotions from Olazábal, is
something i will never forget in my whole life! thank you team europe for
the sickest round of golf ever played, thank you for making history! Rest
in peace Seve! <3

tatchy1001 says:

And victorious don’t forget ha ha ha

thehitchrules says:

One of the greatest sporting moments EVER. Olazabal you are a hero . Seve
shines on .

esotericist says:

Bravo Jose. I was glued to the screen for hours. Waay better than
Brookeline. This was on USA home soil on a course set up to favour the
Americans. Jose chokes up and the USA choked.

Manuel Forero says:

Seve lives in our hearts!!

Angel Cózar says:

que grande Olazabal!!

Conor Boden says:

LOL TIger!

tatchy1001 says:

Just like Hunter Mahan crying in 2010 eh dipshit?

kflem80 says:

sadly its what we have come to expect from the americans. a country whose
biggest contribution to the game in recent years is the annoying shouts of

TheSunsetMadrid says:

ENORMES Jose Mari y Seve!!!

sumadns says:

grande olazabal

hugo tinkler says:

Thanks for the upload so quick. Amazing day. Amazing team. Amazing captain.
Amazing 2012 so far!!

Alex K. says:

Yeah he’s an insensitive prick.

MrGD66 says:

Awwwww someone’s got there panties in a bunch. Typical American faggot,
crying like a baby when you get your butts kicked.

ca551d1 says:

If somebody is not moved with these words must have a heart of stone or not
heart at all. Sometimes people in Spain don’t realize how BIG was Seve.
Before winning at football, basketball, cycling, tennis, etc. Seve was the
best known spanish athlete during the 80’s and our best ambassador in the
world of sports. Thanks for the upload.

fazalinator says:

What an incredible event, incredible comeback incredible triumph. I swear
Seve was there in spirit every single step of the way. What a way to
remember and honour Seve. Even in death he inspires.

DaveKirkham says:

“Where does the rank in your list of achievements?” without a hesitation he
replies “Number One.” – Gives me goosebumps. Congratulations Olazabal and
the European team, amazing Ryder Cup.

MrGD66 says:

You’re welcome, an unbelievable day.

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